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Balancing Kids, Life, And Your Home Business

This mom knows how to get it all doneBalancing kids, life, and your home business can be overwhelming at times. I coach many stay at home moms who become discouraged because they feel there isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything they need to. Understandably so! While the role of maid, mom, chef, chauffeur, wife, and business owner can be a lot to handle all at once, there is good news… it can be done!

Managing your time and planning out your day is crucial to successfully balancing everything, but don’t be surprised if your “plan” doesn’t go the way you want it to everyday. As a mom, you know your children have a schedule of their own, just realizing that and working around that will help you tremendously.

Here are a few tips that may help you in balancing kids, life, and your home business. Implement these into your daily schedule and remember to not get discouraged if your plan gets off track from time to time.

1. Prepare Your Day In Advance – Pack school lunches the night before – Lay out your children’s clothes the night before -Take a meal out of your freezer the night before to thaw – Plan your business goals and schedule the night before – Take 20 minutes a night to perform a quick pick up of your house

2. Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule – You do not have to clean your house from top to bottom everyday. – Choose days that you will vacuum, dust, mop, clean bathrooms, laundry – Train yourself to stick to this schedule without getting off track

3. Schedule Your Working Hours – Use your working hours wisely!  – Set a kitchen timer to keep you on track

4. Keeping Your Small Children Occupied While You Work – Create a special toy box that you only take out while you are working – Swap out the toys in the box from time to time to keep them excited – Ask them to help you work it you have something simply like stamping letters – Give them a pretend laptop or cell phone so they can “work” with you – Offer a small reward or for good behavior while you are working.

5. Plan Your Working Hours Around Your Family Schedule – Your working schedule does not need to be the same everyday – Family first, Money Second- after all that is why you work from home

Megan Jock is a mompreneur and national business mentor. She has built a successful home business while raising three children and is now helping other women do the same. If you are considering building a home based business with residual income visit

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