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Are You Stressed About Being a Successful Woman?

Resolving-Frustration-in-Your-LifeThis question will obviously generate different answers from different readers, but the only answer you really need to concern yourself with is your own.  Why?  Because when it’s all said and done, yours is the only opinion that really matters.

I speak from experience when I say this.  I spent a good portion of my life trying to measure up to other people in and out of my circle of life and caused myself more stress than anyone should have to contend with.

What I ultimately learned was that I had wasted a lot of precious time trying to be something I wasn’t.  I chose to walk away and follow my own path, and I’ve never looked back.

There are many of us who constantly compare ourselves to others in an effort to gauge our personal or professional success.  If you give these comparisons even a minor amount of consideration, you’ll see that it’s impossible to accurately compare yourself to anyone.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you become aware of whether or not you’re headed in a direction that will provide you with a sense of well being and fulfillment as you consider your answer to the question, “Are you stressed about being a successful woman?”

  • Am I striving to be successful at what I’m doing in my personal life to please myself or to please others?
  • Am I striving to be successful at what I’m doing in my professional life to please myself or to please others?
  • Am I being true to myself?
  • Am I trying to be someone or something I’m not just to please others?
  • Am I doing what I love professionally and is it something I’m passionate about?
  • Does what I’m doing personally or professionally reflect who I really am?
  • Am I doing something personally and professionally that serves me well?
  • Is what I’m doing with my life fulfilling and satisfying?

Take some time to answer these questions honestly.   Don’t think of this as a test or something that puts pressure on you.  That’s surely not the intention here.  It’s to help you become more aware of how you make decisions about yourself and what you consider really constitutes personal or professional success for you personally rather than look to others or perhaps society for that information.

If your answers reflect that you’re not really tuned in with your personal awareness and that you’re relying more on others than yourself to determine your definition of success, try to be aware of what it is that is important to you, not to others, when determining whether or not you consider yourself successful.

The idea is to make you aware that what’s important to you is what really matters so you create the life and lifestyle you want and love.

And, equally as important, you’ll learn to be open to new thinking, possibilities, and potential you perhaps have not yet considered or have not yet come into your awareness.

This allows you to determine for yourself who you really are and what’s important to you.  When viewed through this higher level of thinking and perspective–what I like to refer to as the “soul perspective”–you’ll be on a divine path to deeper clarity, deeper fulfillment, and ultimately to what you define as your personal and professional success.  Once discovered, your divine path to that success is sure to follow.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

~ Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair of Disney Media and President of the Disney ABC Television Group

Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Intuitive Life and Law of Attraction Coach, the owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, blogger, and published author. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling and successful lives they love through positive attraction. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation with Peggy, please visit her website at

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