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Are You Feeling Gratitude Toward Yourself?

gratitude_1It’s November here in the United States where we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to give thanks for one’s blessings.  So many of us thank others, are grateful for others, yet are not grateful towards ourselves.  Why is that?  Well, I’ve asked some of my clients and they gave me responses like “I never thought about that.”  “That would be weird.”  “Why would I do that?”  And so I challenged them to practice gratitude toward themselves.  And I decided to do the same.

Here is what we found:

  • A stronger appreciation of ourselves and how we help others.
  • A clearer sense of inner and outer purpose.
  • More joy and happiness about ourselves that then spilled over toward others.
  • Less stress and more inner peace of mind.
  • More time and space for ourselves and others.
  • Greater sense of confidence, mindfulness and happiness.

Interesting right?  I thought so too.  As a Business Coach I teach my clients a number of mindsets to strive for in order to create the healthy and happy life and business they want.  Gratitude is Mindset #11.  They understand the mindset of gratitude toward and for their clients and others, but not one of them has had gratitude for themselves.  And as you can see from the list above, being grateful for and toward yourself definitely has some amazing and awesome benefits.  So then, how can you learn to be grateful for and to yourself?  Take the “I Am Grateful for Myself 30 Day Challenge.”

I invite you to spend 30 days being grateful for and toward yourself.  In order to do this, take a piece of paper or notebook and write Day 1 on the top of the page and then write down 5-10 (or more) things that you are grateful for about yourself.  On Day 2 read your entries for Day 1 prior to writing your Day 2 entries.  Continue this until you reach 30 days.  Then on Day 31 you will create a new list by combining all of your entries for the past 30 days.  Now, put this list in a location where you will be certain to continue reading daily – and of course, feel free to add to your gratitude list at any time!

I’d love for you to share your experience by either emailing me at or sharing on my Facebook page: Also, post your comments below!

Author Bio: Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Profit First Professional Business Coach who works with women in business to take a customized approach to create a business that fits their lifestyle, has them seeing a monthly profit and operating from a position of confidence so that they experience more success and less stress.

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