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Appreciating Art As A Tool To Calm Your Stress

woman sketchingThroughout time, art has been used to capture beauty and wonderful moments that could be appreciated by others for centuries.  Remember the last time that you were at a museum and looking at a painting that had captured your attention in a positive way.  The result you realize is that you are feeling calm and whatever stress you may have previously had is no longer controlling your feelings and thoughts. Apparently there is a connection to appreciating art, which has so many domains such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, fashion, food, dance and even music and the reduction of stress.

Art is anything that can capture your heart and makes you feel complete and whole again.  If you have no time to go to a museum or work on an art project, try viewing books that entail art that has meaning to you, this can be a type of meditation you could use on a daily basis.

Producing art to calm your stress:

Colors have been used to calm moods and it has been known that softer colors tend to make us feel relaxed and safe.  There are many hobbies involving art that you could incorporate on a daily basis to relieve stress.  If you are pressed for time, focus on simple art such as pencil drawings, making a photo collage, using water colors.  Making art can produce a well-balanced feeling and the best to enjoy this time would be to turn off your cell-phone and remove as many distractions as possible.

The Three Don’ts:

1.  Don’t worry about how it may look or if you have never taken any art classes, just start off by drawing circles or lines. Try to add or build on to it and use colors that bring good vibes for you.  Think of a favorite drawing that you did in grade school or that you can do well without feeling stressed.

2.  Don’t feel intimidated by assuming that you need to purchase the top of the line are supplies or take an expensive course, you will be proud in the end.

3.   Don’t worry about perfection because art is a beauty that comes from the eye of the beholder.

Three ways to achieve calmness with art:

1. Going to a museum

2. Attending an art festival

3.  Create your own art

Overall, viewing, producing or appreciating art, with or without our awareness, can reduce stress.  If you strive for calmness, patience and endurance in your life then it is time to include art as way of life. Art is a discipline that will teach you dedication, endearment and the reward of accomplishments. Overall your appreciation of art will not only increase your level of calmness, but it will ultimately increase levels of positive feelings, perceptions, and imagination.

Author Bio: Marlena Hunter, M.A. is currently providing psychotherapy in Westlake, CA.  She has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy and has gained several years of experience in several clinical

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