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Alleged De-Stressing Ideas to Avoid

What Is the Best Way to Relax After Work?Dealing with stress is a subjective experience. Every person has their different stressors and their own reactions to stress. The one common denominator is that those experiencing stress will do anything in their power to remove the feelings of stress from their lives. But if you were to do a search for “ways to deal with stress,” you would be given millions of answers. With that many suggestions, it is hard to figure out what actually works and what is just empty promises. So, what are some of the de-stressing ideas you should avoid and some helpful tips to help you deal with your feelings?

1) “Eat some chocolate!”

When you are feeling stressed or anxious, some would recommend doing something small to make your feel better. What could be better than ingesting a substance that is chemically designed to you feel better? Chocolate makes the brain release endorphins, the same chemicals you experience during exercise, moments of happiness and sex and it has the most delicious taste. So what could be wrong with having a little bit when you are stressed? When you are dealing with stressful feelings and the brain experiences chemical happiness, your brain is going to associate that substance with feelings of happiness. Like a Pavlovian response, you are going to reach for that substance every time you feel stressed. Too much chocolate can lead to bad eating habits, mood swings and cavities, all of which can cause more stress. So, try not to use it unless in dire circumstances.

2) “Here’s some medication”

For some that experience overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress, doctors offer medicinal assistance. For others, they find their medication in other things: drinking, drugs, sex, sleeping, or eating. If your doctor advises you to take medication for your feelings of stress, be sure to think about the effects, the disadvantages along with the benefits. Do you think medication will help you manage your feelings or just cover them up? Do you have an addictive personality? Do you want to be medicated? Just because the medication is offered doesn’t mean that you have to take it but it is there if you are having panic attacks or episodes. Be sure to always ask yourself these questions and to take an objective view of your circumstances.

3) “Listen to some music”

For many people, listening to music when they are stressed has a very calming effect. Music is a part of our primitive brains – our brains seek it out and recognize its benefits. But this suggestion should be given one caveat: listen to relaxing, calm music. When some people are stressed out, they want to listen to their favorite music, which may not necessarily be the most relaxing. When we listen to music, it shapes the imagination, it can change emotions, it can release the same hormones we feel when happy. But if the music that you are listening to has a violent or depressing theme, you could risk making yourself feel even lower. Keep the music inspiring, positive and calming to help you deal with feelings of stress.

Stress is difficult for the body to deal with for long periods of time. If you are experiencing health problems or worried about the effect stress is having on your body, talk to your doctor or other medical professionals.

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