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9 Simple Ways You Can Relieve Everyday Stress

3Stress is the largest culprit that can bring us down mentally and physically. Here are nine ways you can chase stress away, simply, naturally and effectively!

1. Listen to music – The corporate cubicle farm takes on a completely new aura when you plug in your iPod while working on your computer.

2. Talk to a friend – Pick your friend who is always upbeat and make a phone call or have an IM (Instant Message) chat. (Do NOT do this while driving, of course!)

3. Eat right – I recently heard about the rainbow method of eating. Be sure to include at least one food group from each color every day. (Red and yellow make orange, add blue, and you have chocolate!)

4. Practice deep breathing – The Lamaze Method of Childbirth proves the theory that deep breathing can get you through most any stress. You can take five deep breaths wherever you happen to be.

5. Laugh out loud – A good belly laugh relaxes all your muscles and is a great way to get “high.” Just watch your favorite “I Love Lucy” episode, or recount any funny story that guarantees a good laugh.

6. Try essential oils – A sniff of fresh air, lavender or roses instantly changes your focus. Essential oils can help lessen stress, enhance your life and help you live healthier.

7. Be Mindful – Pay attention, focus, be alert, concentrate, observe, listen and act with purpose. When the mind wanders in freeform, it needs to be lassoed to filter out what information is of value and what can be tossed.

8. Exercise (just a few minutes is all you need) – Although napping, couch time and acting like a vegetable may be calming, they are only good in moderation. Moving the body is the best way to stimulate all the senses and recharge mental energy.

9. Sleep better – If you have children or a dog, you know that they sleep better when they are tired! So will you. By using your mind and engaging in light as well as strenuous activity, you will look forward to a good 5-8 hours of sleep.


If some of these ideas may seem out of reach, start by taking one step at a time. Make small changes and do them consistently. Each one of these suggestions by itself, takes little time or effort.

Changing the way you eat, how much you exercise or the way you sleep may seem beyond your control at first but starting small is the key.

Did you over-indulge at lunch? Then make your dinner the start of a new habit. Did you watch a movie for two hours today? Stay away from video for the next few days and do something new. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Read a book, listen to music or use Lavender essential oil on your pillow to relax and help you drift off to sleep.

You are only 9 steps away from a happier, healthier YOU!

Author Bio: Jan Marie Mueller is the founder of and a firm believer in the value of personal growth and development for a better, more productive life. She is passionate about helping people live a life of hope, health and happiness. Jan is also a business owner, author, community volunteer and co-founder of the German non-profit Helping Hands for Children in Tanzania.

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So often, people get caught up in the overwhelm of wanting to make major changes all at once. Choosing a few simple steps and making the commitment to integrate them conscientiously into your routine over time will guarantee the results you seek. And remember, it´s not the size of the steps you take that will make the biggest difference, it´s how consistently you practice them!

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