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7 Unconventional Ways to Reduce Stress

unconventional-ways-reduce-stressStress fills our lives at every turn. Its hectic trying to juggle a career, family and social life; and many aspects of mobile technology makes stress even harder to escape. Rather than solely relying on medication and meditation to calm things down, there are other, more unconventional ways to reduce stress. Try changing up your routine with these solutions:

1.       Have Toys at Your Desk or Work Station

Your desk is where you get your work done, so it may be considered a place of grueling responsibilities, monotonous tasks and tight deadlines. A thriving mind needs room to wander and re-charge with some creativity. Spruce up your workstation with some actual toys—whether it’s a stress ball, wind-up toy, puzzle, etc. Just a few minutes of “playtime” can really do the trick to ease a stressful day at the ole grindstone.

2.       Repaint the Walls

It’s true that colors set specific moods. For example, lighter blues are known to be calming; it’s a great color choice for relaxing and creating a serene environment. Green, contrary to the saying, “green with envy,” is another great color to encourage calmness and restfulness. Red can raise anxiety levels (elevates heart rates and blood pressure levels). Yellows have the potential to elevate tempers and frustration. So do a quick assessment of the walls in your house. Perhaps a small home makeover is in the cards.

Selecting a calming paint color and personally painting it yourself are dual ways to alleviate stress. Much like meditation, painting provides repeated movements— encouraging the mind to drift while the body stays alert.

3.       Dance

The mind and body are interconnected by movement; so it’s through dancing that the mind and the body merge together in a single expression. Whether you are upset or anxious, dancing is the perfect method to express and let go of your emotions. And since it’s a type of physical activity, dancing releases serotonin and adrenaline throughout the body.

4.       Go on a Nature Walk

Getting back to nature does wonders for the soul; there is perhaps no better way to find inner peace than to go out and be surrounded by nature. Nature brings us back to our fundamental roots, allowing the simpler things to be seen and appreciated. It could be the trickle of a stream, slight breeze rustling the trees or a bird flying freely in the horizon that puts everything into perspective.

5.       Go to a Spa for a Massage

Signing up for a 60 or 90 minute relaxation or deep tissue massage, relieves muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and heart rates. As stress and anxiety levels rise, the body experiences muscle knots, tension headaches, fatigue, etc. Though temporarily, massages are the perfect solution to quickly get the body feeling great and the mind clear and recharged.

6.       Spend Quality Time with your Significant Other

After work, fixing dinner and the kids are finally put to bed; it’s easy to fall into the same nightly routine: watch TV…maybe read a little then go to bed. Make time to spend quality time alone with your partner. Go on a date; reconnect and escape the world for some few cherished moments.

7.       Play with Your Pet

Having a pet (regardless of what type) is great for the soul. We get to laugh and enjoy times we have with these adopted family members. Having that sense of loyalty, companionship and love are the greatest ways to leave stress behind. A brief walk with the dog or laser pointer time with the cat will lift the load from your shoulders.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the greatest difference in our lives. Take the time to do the things you love and seek out the best ways to improve on your mental, spiritual and physical health. Stress relievers are everywhere— you just need to look in order to find them.

Author Bio: Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider.

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