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7 Simple Ways Women Can Deal with Stress

Staying organized is one of the simple ways women can deal with stressIn the world today, more and more women are making their way into very successful positions within the workplace. However, this also means that more women have to deal with the stress of these positions. For many of them, this means balancing a full-time job and a full-time family, resulting in a very busy and stressful lifestyle. However, there are many methods of dealing with stress that busy women use every day.  Here are 7 simple ways women can deal with stress :

1. Simply Breathe

The idea of taking a deep breath to calm yourself is an old one for a reason—it has always worked. Stepping away from the situation, going into a quiet room, and taking several slow, deep breaths will instantly allow your body to begin to relax. The extra flow of oxygen to your brain will allow you to think clearly and possibly see a solution to the problem that alluded you before. When you walk back to the situation, you will be more forced and ready to deal with it.

2. Stay Healthy

When your body is healthy, it is much easier for you to deal with every situation, including stressful ones. Getting at least 20 minutes of physical exercise three times a week will give you more energy and help you to remain focused longer. Taking a multi-vitamin every day, along with avoiding caffeine and nicotine, will also make you feel less agitated during a long day and help to decrease mood swings.

3. Learn to Prioritize

With people asking you to do many different things all at the same time, it is important to have a system to deal with everything. Most commonly, people complete their work on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. By doing this, nothing gets left sitting for weeks on end before it is done. If you work under strict timelines, complete your work in the order that it is due to prevent anything from being late.

4. Have self-compassion

It is important to recognize how hard you are working and to reward yourself with a much-needed break. While it is okay to push yourself, it is important to remember that you cannot do everything. Understand that when you do make a mistake, you are only human and everyone else makes them too. If you are happier with yourself, you will find it easier to deal with your workload.

5. Be organized

One of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace is disorganization. Having and following a systematic method for how and when things are done will help to eliminate this. If people do not know when meetings are, where things are located, or who it is taking care of which project, then this is when things become stressful. Keeping a planner, sending calendar invites to meetings, and following a daily routine will help you to remain organized.

6. Remember why

It is easy to lose track of the ‘big picture’ behind why you are doing something, especially when the road becomes stressful. Reminding yourself of the reason why you are dealing with the stress will really help to focus and motivate you. Knowing that there is a clear reason behind what you are doing will give you the strength to continue.

7. Don’t forget to laugh

Studies have proven that laugher is a powerful medicine. Many people have attested that it can help you to deal with stress better than anything other method. Taking time to enjoy life and its humors will raise your endorphin level and produce a euphoric effect that actually has the ability to eliminate stress altogether.

Take these tips into consideration the next time you’re stressed or having a bad day. It’s not easy being a successful business owner or executive and a full time mother/wife, so sometimes it’s best if you take a step back and look at these simple tips that help improve your overall well-being.

Decreasing stress levels is never easy, but if these steps are not taken into consideration, physical and emotional distress can increase and cause additional stress. Finally, remember we are creatures of habit, therefore, it’s imperative you take these tips and try to build a habit with it daily.

Emin Andre is a physician’s assistant for SC Physician Group, a family medicine urgent care facility in Glendale, CA. He prides himself on staying healthy physically and mentally and has a passion for diet and fitness.

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