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Stress – 7 Quick Tips to De-stress, Re-energize and Boost Your Productivity—even if You Don’t Have Time!

Dancing is the easiet wasy to release stressYou can’t run a self on empty. When was the last time you “topped” yourself off? 7 quick steps to revitalizing and re-energizing yourself in a crazy, fast paced world—even if you don’t have time!

The phone’s ringing and your brother needs something. The dog’s out back and wants to come in. There’s a pile of dishes in the sink. You’re almost out of milk. The door bell’s ringing. You have a project to present tomorrow for a board meeting and you haven’t jotted down a single thought.

Sound familiar?

Yup, for a lot of us life moves at the speed of light. It’s so easy to just keep pushing forward. But you know, in your heart of hearts, that that really doesn’t work so well.

1. First of all, it doesn’t bring out the best in you.

2. And second of all, eventually it all comes crumbling down. You lose it behind the wheel of your car. You scream until you’re hoarse at your best friend. Your body just gives out and gets sick.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

So here are 7 tips, quick (and I mean quick) tips. I’m not going to ask you to take a year off and meditate on some Himalayan plateau. But you have to admit, that would definitely slow the pace of things waaaayyyy down!

1. Stop. Just for a moment. Stop and breathe. Close your eyes and count. Count as you breathe in. “One”…. and then exhale. “Two” …. and then exhale. “Three” … and exhale. Count to 7. Okay, I just did this one and it took 57 seconds! I know you have 57 seconds!

2. Get lost in a picture. Take a mini vacation. Have a stash of pictures of places you’ve been (and really liked,) places you’d like to go and when you need a break, take them out and go there. Imagine you’re in the picture. Feel it. See it. Smell it.

3. Listen to a piece of music. Close the door. Put your earplugs in. Pick your favorite, uplifting song. Close your eyes and let the music transport you.

4. Go for a 5 minute walk. Drop everything. It can wait for 5 minutes, I assure you, and get out of the house; get out of the office and walk, briskly for 5 minutes.

5. Take a cold shower. Yes, I’m serious. That will shock you out of your thoughts and put you right in your body and only in your body. That in and of itself is a huge break.

6. Dance. Pull the shade if you need to and dance. Let it all hang out. Go a little wild. Have a little fun. Just for a few minutes.

7. Chant. Again, close your door, close your eyes and chant. Om… om… om… or anything else you like such as “I am calm and centered… I am calm and centered… I am calm and centered.”

The catch with all these tips is that you have to be really serious about them. You can do anything and stay stressed.

If you really set the intention to de-stress and reenergize these tips will work for you.

These 7 quick tips will especially work for you if you pepper your day–every day–with them.

Author Bio: Rhegina Sinozich is a motivational speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator with an international following. She empowers people so they can return to the fullness of their true selves. She is the author of several books including Plug Yourself Into the Frequency of Happiness. Visit

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