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7 Quick Tips for Navigating Overwhelm

Taking a soothing bath can be helpful when navigating overwhelmIt slides in sideways just when you feel like you’ll get everything completed on time. Suddenly, there’s one more request, then another problem, and before you know it you are swimming in the sea of overwhelm again.

You can tell you’ve fallen into the deep end of this emotional current when you start snapping at the people around you, or you just feel like quitting everything right now and want to go live immediately in Fiji full time. Once you’ve been caught in this emotional tidal wave you have to make some conscious choices to move out. And that’s not always easy to do when you are already reacting to what is going on around you.

Here are 7 easy tips to help you move out of that challenging emotional state and back into your center:

1) Step back energetically from what is going on around you and breathe. Say something soothing to yourself like “I choose to stay centered” or “I love you.” Ask yourself “how can I make this easy,” then listen internally for your guidance.

2) Take a five-minute break and go for a short walk outside. Connect to the living pulsating field of creation that flows through the natural world and ask for things to be easy and grace filled, and for you to receive all the guidance you need.

3) If you are at the point of tears, sometimes it’s best to simply go further into them and allow them to flow. Allowing yourself to move into the depth of the feeling usually moves the emotion quickly and then you’ll feel better in minutes.

When I was moving through my former technological blocks, this was the only way through sometimes. I would literally hang my head in my hands, and cry until I reached the depth of emotion. Then I would go for a quick walk outside, and when I came back to my desk, I was fine. I retrained my emotional body this way. Before, the emotions would stop me, but I learned to allow them and move through them.

4) Change places. Move your work or solve your problem in a different setting. Go sit outside or in front of the fireplace with a portable device and do your work. Be close to the elements and nature will calm you down and stimulate your creative flow. Ask yourself “what is the one easiest thing I can handle first in this situation?” Handling that one thing will get the energy moving.

5) Decide that no matter how things seem, you are going to take a few minutes for self-care. Make yourself a cup of hot tea and savor the soothing qualities of the warm liquid. Focus on the pleasure of the experience and open to receive internally all the support you need.

6) Call on help from the Divine. I call on assistance from the Divine Feminine because she connects me to my deep inner feminine source of wisdom and guidance. Calling on the feminine connects me to my essence as a woman.

7) Allow Water to help you balance your emotions. Drink a glass of water, asking for balance, guidance, and support. Or take a bath or shower, asking to clear your emotional body and receive all the guidance and assistance you need.

Once you discover your best tools for navigating the feeling of overwhelm you’ll be able to make new choices anytime you get pulled under. You’ll simply take a deep breath and know what you need to do to support yourself moving through it now.

Creation coach Lisa Michaels has been teaching Divine Feminine wisdom and conscious alignment with the forces and rhythms of nature for the past fourteen years. Lisa loves sharing her secrets to help forward-thinking visionaries dynamically increase their intuition and creation abilities. As a successful entrepreneur herself for over twenty-five years, Lisa has been applying these principles to her own life and business while receiving powerful results.

As a celebrated elemental wisdom teacher and author, Lisa was chosen by the leading publisher Hay House as one of their movers and shakers. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people discover their life purpose and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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