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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Declutter Your Mind While Decluttering Your Space

Ways to Declutter Your Mind While Decluttering Your Space If your cluttered home or apartment makes your mind feel less tranquil, you may find it interesting to learn that a cluttered room can affect your mental outlook. One simple way to get rid of clutter in your mind is to get rid of items you no longer use or need. Have a yard sale and learn to let go of your cluttered past.

Store needed items in a storage facility that features a 24-hour video surveillance camera, a unique gate code and your own lock. As soon as you eliminate some of the items that clutter up your space, you will notice that your mind seems less cluttered with useless thoughts.

In addition, incorporate one or more of the following methods that help you have a less cluttered mind:

Free Your Mind by Taking Notes

Whether you choose to use an old-fashioned notebook or your computer, keep a record of upcoming business and medical appointments, meetings with friends and items you need to buy at the store. When you write down the constant thoughts that bombard your mind, your mind is free to think about more important things. You may even find that you have more time to read books or start a new hobby.

Live in the Present

Dwelling in the past, especially if you constantly think about your previous mistakes, can bog your mind down with guilty memories that zap your energy. Instead of thinking about all the things you should have done, or maybe should not have done, think about new ways to improve your attitude. Develop a new way of looking at your life that focuses on enjoying every day without reminiscing about your past. Additionally, worrying about future events that have not yet taken place creates heavy burdens within your thought processes.

Spend your Time Wisely

If you spend several hours every day watching meaningless television shows and visiting with unknown online friends, consider other ways to spend your time. Start your own business. Listen to your favorite musical artists. Write your autobiography. Make a few new friends. Learn how to dance. Wasting time makes your brain feel dull. Useless activities create an overload of clutter.

Spend Ten Minutes a Day in Prayer

Now that you have succeeded in eliminating physical and mental clutter, spend ten or fifteen minutes praying or meditating on your numerous blessings. A grateful mind and heart can help you live a lifestyle free from purposeless clutter.

 Karleia is a freelance blogger. She recommends using storage units in Fishers, IN, or other city to help organize your life and bring you peace of mind.

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