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6 Secrets to Eliminating Stress and Distractions Behind the Wheel

stressDriverStressful driving and distractions can lead to an accident. However, there are ways to prevent driving-related stress. For example, if you spray air fresher that has essential oils in your car and install a massaging seat cover, your daily commute will be less stressful. To eliminate distractions, you must keep your car clean because certain items will thud against the interior, such as water bottles. Besides these tips, there are six more procedures that should be implemented.

Plan Extra Time for Your Journey

Throughout the day, stress could build up, but being late delivers the quickest reaction. If you drive while you are stressed, you are more likely to cause an accident on the road as each minute ticks by. This is why you must give yourself additional time in case problems occur.

Plan Your Route In Advance

By planning your route days in advance, you will never end up in the woods. In-dash navigation devices and smart phone apps can help you begin your journey without any issues. Navigation devices can also help you avoid traffic or construction delays.

Keep Snacks in Your Vehicle

Most people are cranky when they are hungry. Being stuck in heavy traffic on a hot day with an empty stomach can cause stressful and irritable behavior. To solve this problem, keep non-perishable snacks in your car for emergency situations, such as nuts or energy bars.

Keep the Kids Entertained

When kids are bored, they will be noisy. You can reduce in-car fighting with backseat games or movies.

Practice Advanced Driving Techniques

According to a study, 31 percent of drivers in the U.S avoid parallel parking. It is not a simple parking maneuver, but there could be a time when it is required. In this situation, a bit of practice could be quite helpful.

Use Technology

In certain driving situations, technology can be very useful. For example, a blind spot warning system and a rearview camera can reduce pressure during stressful situations. According to a study at MIT, several test subjects’ heart rate averaged over 12 beats per minute when they used a parking assist system. Subjects who did not use safety technologies were more stressed.

Additional Advice – Understanding Tension

If you can recognize tension, you can prevent stress. Whenever you find that you are holding the steering wheel tightly, loosen your fingers and relax. Also, never hunch over your steering wheel; instead, lean back so that you can drive comfortable.

Author Bio: Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Although eliminating stress and distractions reduce accidents, accidents could still occur. If you need legal services, contact Rogers Bussey Lawyers

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