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5 Ways You can Be Happy Now

happy-family-on-the-floorThe pursuit of happiness is a never ending quest that we all are on in our life and I think it’s safe to say that it’s also a very common overall goal that we have as well.

Many of us spend so much time dibbling and dabbling in the latest fads and trends to test the waters to see if that’s the “magic pill” so to speak, that will finally give us the true happiness that we desire and that we’ve been longing for. I can definitely tell you from experience that there’s no “magic pill” out there or no quick fix that anyone else can give us or do for us that will allow us to reach this magnificent treasure that we’ve been pursuing for ages.

But there’s something that we can do that will finally give us that happiness that we are looking for and to forever keep this treasure illuminated in our lives as well. With that being said, I want to share with you the five ways that you can be happy now. They are simple as pie when you look at them above the surface but it’s underneath the surface where we will have to go in order to obtain this wonderful jewel.


5 Ways You Can Be Happy Now


1. Make the ultimate decision that you choose to be happy now.

You know, this may seem like a no-brainer, but just by making the decision that you choose to be happy starts creating this “new” world so to speak within you and around you. By letting the universe know your intention of being happy, things will start to align for you to experience the happiness that’s already within and around you.


2. Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s.

This one is easier said than done because I’ve been down this road as well. Comparing our lives to someone else’s really puts us in a bad funk and then there’s so many things about our lives that aren’t “right” and we only start to really recognize the not so good things in our lives. Stay in your own lane and embrace the uniquely vibrant life that you have now.


3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Being in immense appreciation and gratitude for your life, the people in it and the things that you have will definitely amp up your vibration and your emotions which in turn will allow you to be authentically happy with your life now. So instead of always focusing on what’s going wrong in your life, start appreciating the things you have, the people whom you love and adore, your experiences and so much more. The more gratitude you show, the more you grow.


4. Let loose and have FUN.

Okay, you do remember how to have fun right?! This maybe something that you have to get back into and that’s okay. Kick your feet up, have a water balloon fight with your kids outside, let out your competitive side with board games with family. We all have an inner child that needs to be fed and when they are extremely delighted so will you.


5. Spend more time with yourself.

As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, I understand how busy life can be. With so much stuff going on we always seem to forget about our needs and caring for ourselves. Take some time out of your day or your week to show yourself the love you deserve. Starting this off was hard for me and I felt so guilty. But eventually I got used to it and I don’t mind going to the beach and enjoying the waves by myself, or going to get a mani and pedi (which reminds me I’m due for another one), or just even going out for ice cream (another one of my favorites). You get the point right?!


If there’s one final word I can leave you with, it would be this… I want you to know that your pursuit of happiness is a choice, not a destination. You have everything you need right NOW in order for you to be happy. Implement one of the ways I shared with you from above this week and you’re on your way to unveiling your inner fountain of happiness.

What’s something that you can do this week to start your happiness fountain to flow? Share your answer and other insights below.

Author Bio: Char D. Berry Life & Love Coach, Freelance Relationship & Lifestyle Writer & Blogger, & Founder of Vibrant Life Media who is passionate and honored to empower and inspire women to finally create a life and relationship that they love. Char’ currently resides in sunny Southern California with her hubby, Brent and two children Jayden & Ty.

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