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5 Ways to Inspire People to Become a Better Person

How friends make the best medicine“Good actions gives strength to ourselves and inspire good actions to others.” -Plato

Giving inspiration to others to be a better person depends on how you think and act. Your actions and words have a major impact on the lives of other people. Doing good things is not only for us to stand out, but to challenge and inspire other people to be good as well.

Here are some ways on how you can motivate other people to achieve something greater in their lives:

Listen to What People Say

Always be an attentive listener to what other people are saying. Because inspiring other people is not only about what you say, it is also about what they say as well. People will feel their importance if someone is listening to their thoughts and ideas. Always remember to value what they say and give credit to every good idea that they have. People tend to work harder if they know that their ideas are valued. Make it a habit to listen carefully to the people around you, listening can help you stand out and become an inspiration to others. It is one of the many ways on how you can inspire other people to become a better person.

Show People that You Care

Some people are too shy to be nice. If that is the case, be the first person to approach. Be the first person to show that you care for them. And always remember to do it genuinely. Don’t let them be happy just by saying or giving words that they only want to hear. Always be honest about the things they need to know. Don’t just stay in a moment when people are happy and are enjoying life. Be there in a situation when they need a companion the most. Give your sincerest and precious time with these people and show them that you appreciate being with them.

Inspire By Example

When you want other people to become a better person, you need to start with yourself. You cannot inspire other people to be good if you are not. Inspire and motivate other people by showing them enthusiasm. Show them that you are happy and grateful for everything that you are. Let them see that you are passionate about the things you are doing. Inspire by example, let them channel the energy and passion that you have in doing what you love.

Acknowledge Contributions of Others

Be appreciative and acknowledge every good contribution that other people invested in you. Keep in mind to practice gratitude to experience more energy and optimism. Never forget to thank people who help you to do things. Being thankful to them is to let others see the good in other people. Doing this will inspire other people to become a better person because they know that what they are doing is appreciated, and they will continue to do good.

Treat Everyone Equally

Treat others the way they need to be treated. Treat them the way you want others to treat you. That way you will be able to treat everyone with respect. Giving respect to people will inspire them to be the better person that they are. Always remember that we are all equal human beings in spite of our gender, race, religion, and other factors. Give love and show care for all people without considering these irrelevant factors.

Inspiring other people is to do good and taking actions. And there is no better time to begin than now.


Author Bio: Dawn Atkins is currently a college student who loves writing and traveling. She works as a part-time assistant editor for during her free time. It is her dream to travel around the world especially to New Zealand.

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