Deal With Stress

5 Tools for How to Overcome Stress

Happy woman using remote control1. Ask God and Your Angels for Support

This is the most important tool you have right at your fingertips. All you have to do is to talk to God and ask Him for guidance. You can state your situation and ask for Him to help you get through it. You can also ask your angels for guidance and again, state your situation and ask them to help you for your highest good. You can also meditate and ask for specific angels to be by your side. There is Archangel Michael, the most powerful angel, and he can be by all of our sides at the same time. You can ask for your guardian angels to give you signs that will guide you in the right direction to start feeling better. Overall, the divine support is there for the asking and all you need do is ask.

2. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is easy to do when you are stressed. You can think about the situation and state it differently to turn it around. An example was something that happened with me recently. Our basement was flooded and so much “stuff” got destroyed. I cried at first because my “stuff” is important to me. That lasted about 15 minutes then I quickly realized the angels orchestrated it so I can let go of my “stuff” and finally rid us of it. The outcome is more positive flowing energy throughout the house. If it is a health related stressful situation you can simply think this is only temporary and I will feel better very soon, or I no longer have this ailment, pain, disease, etc. For example, I am healed of chronic migraine headaches. The idea is to put yourself into the position you want to live in, as if you are already living it. This works on your mind and you will be convinced of it being true.

3. Affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful and can be used for any situation. You can be having a bad day and start saying my day is going very well. Repeat it several times plus write it down and post it in a few places in your home or workplace. A good place to post it is on a mirror that you will look into several times a day, or maybe by your sink, or desk. It can be any place you will be sure to see it several times a day. More examples are I am happy, I am beautiful, I am healthy, etc.

4. Listen to Uplifting Music

This is a wonderful way to lift your spirits. Choose songs that make you feel good and happy. They can be played repeatedly if you only have a few. Put on a comedy movie or CD that will make you laugh. Laughter is excellent medicine because it changes your endorphin levels to help get past being sad.

5. Engage Support from Others

Call or visit with someone that you know will understand what you are going through. Cry with them and let it all out. When you cry it usually helps you feel better. Explain everything that is going on and see what support they can give you. They may see something that you aren’t and when they suggest it you may realize it will be a great solution. Always get an opinion from someone else because two heads are better than one. The additional insight may be all you need to get you through the stress without it lingering.

You can practice using these tools on a daily basis to learn them before any stressful situations arise.

Cathy Laub
Spiritualist, Angel Communication Master

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