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5 Tips for a More Organized 2014

Organizing your closets is one of the tips for a more organized 2014Start 2014 off right by better organizing your days and home to keep you feeling calm and clutter-free throughout the year.

1. Plan your days.

A new year calls for a fresh new calendar (unless you’re already using one). Make sure to choose a calendar or planner you really like and stick to it. A day planner made just for moms makes the perfect gift to yourself! Ensure you write everything pertinent in your calendar as soon as possible and begin each day by consulting your schedule, and end each day by reviewing it to make sure you’re ready for the next.

2. Downsize or bust!

Look carefully at your cleaning supplies, toiletries, kitchen gadgets, pantry items, etc. and see what you can get rid of. Don’t forget those little shampoo bottles from the hotel that are stashed in the back of your bathroom cabinet. If you haven’t used something in the last six months, recycle or give it away. You need to de-clutter your life to keep your mind uncluttered too! And don’t forget to put the kids to work too. Give them boxes or bins to help sort items into garbage, recycling or charity.

3. Organize each family member’s wardrobe or closet.

Make getting dressed in the morning a lot easier by arranging clothing by type and colour range. Organize by short-sleeved, long-sleeved, pants, skirts, jackets, and suits, and then sort further by light to dark colours. This type of set-up will allow you to see different outfit combinations at a glance, rather than having to pull things off the rack.

4. Update your address book.

Shortly after the holidays is the perfect time to review your address book. Go through your stack of Christmas cards to add new names, addresses and family members. Consider getting a new book if yours is so scribbled on that you can’t remember what information is current or not!

5. Tackle those pesky paper piles.

You know the ones I’m talking about – piles of kids’ artwork, papers to be filed, receipts and reminders. You may have stashed them in a drawer or cupboard for the holidays, but they are not going away by themselves. Sort receipts by year and secure with a large paperclip, file paperwork into folders, and decide what artwork you’ll keep and what you’ll toss. If space is limited, consider taking photos of artwork instead. And last but not least, shred or recycle any outdated or unnecessary papers.

By Kristen Wint

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