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5 New Gadgets Designed To Reduce Your Stress

Gadgets designed to reduce your stressIt’s a busy world— between the demands of work, school, and kids, it’s hard to just find a little bit of peace each day. Sure there are things like yoga, pilates and spa visits that can help you decompress, but for those who want some stress-relief in the middle of the action, there’s some hope.

Thanks to the merits of today’s technology,  here are five gadgets designed to reduce your stress :

1.     EmWave 2 – Heartmath Personal Stress Reliever 

The EmWave 2 is a portable stress reliever that monitors changes in heart rhythms. A change in heart rhythm indicates stress. Although stress a mental reaction to the environment and situations around us, it takes a physical toll on the body. The EmWave 2 device has different LED lights that indicate the body’s stress responses in various situations. Why be alerted of these changes? It’s simple: you can realize how you are reacting to a situation and transform your response to rebalance your mind and emotions. Watch your mental ease quickly relax your state of mind. Sometimes the best remedy to stress is awareness.

2.           Zensorium Tinke

With the help of any number of mobile accessories, an iPhone can virtually transform into a different device. The Zensorium Tinke is an iPhone adapter like no other. It measures 3 different things: heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels. How’s it work? Just put your finger on the reader and within 30 seconds, the results will appear. It’s a fast and discrete monitoring device that you can take anywhere you go. There’s also a social media sharing feature that allows users to share and compare their Tinke results— great for daily motivation.

 3.     StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

This portable device is award-winning and has been regulated by the FDA; not a bad combination of credentials! The StressEraser uses a finger sensor to provide various bio-feedback. It converts your pulse into a visibly displayed wave that shows how your breathing is impacting your heart rate. The slower and deeper you breathe, the slower your heart rate will be, which reduces stress levels.

4.           Steelcase Gesture

If you are part of the workforce, you know the unwelcoming feeling of frequent back stiffness and/or pain. A desk chair revamp has been long overdue; the Steelcase Gesture, though expensive (retails for $999), is hopefully bringing a hiatus to traditional computer chairs. It’s a modern world that revolves around texting, instant messaging and various tasks that require any number of postures. The Steelcase Gesture accommodates a variety of pivots and lean-back positions for the mobility of today’s technologies. For those of us not wanting to fork out nearly $1K on a chair, hopefully we can catch a future discount model.

5.           Pip Biosensor

The Pip Biosensor is a portable device that is available for both Android and iOS. Simply place your fingertip onto the sensor and your stress levels will be read and streamed onto your tablet or smartphone. What’s more is that the Pip Biosensor also has a suite of gaming apps that allows you to control and manage your stress with some entertainment.

Stress may not be the most pleasant emotion to experience, but fortunately, stress management can be much more enjoyable. Thanks to these new technological devices, stress can be managed and corrected as it is happening. The more technology improves, the more options we will continue to see in our personal care resources; this is simply the beginning in stress-related gadgets.

Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for DISH Satellite TV. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider.


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