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5 Mobile Apps to Start the New Year Stress-Free

Looking for mobile apps to start the New Year Stress-freeWhat will your New Year’s resolution be for 2014? Is it to lose weight, get better sleep, stop unnecessary worrying, and just…well…simply de-stress? Join the club; one report found that nearly 77 percent of Americans have regular physical stress symptoms. And another 48 percent say stress negatively impacts their private and professional lives. But thanks to our beloved smartphones and tablets, stress-free living is now just an app away.

Make a resolution that will actually last. Here are 5 free mobile apps to start the New Year stress-free:

1.    Breathe2Relax

By the National Center for Telehealth & Technology (Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Breathe2Relax is an app that provides information on the effects of stress on the body. After all it’s important to first recognize how stress negatively impacts mental and physical health. The app also includes different breathing exercise videos—which can help relieve negative moods and thoughts. There’s an adjustable timer that can be used during each breathing session. Overall, Breathe2Relax comes highly rated and is a great resource for anxiety and anger management.

2.    Take a Break from Stress

By Meditation Oasis (Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Take a Break from Stress features two podcasted meditations that work on relaxation and meditation. It includes a short, seven minute relaxation guide that is perfect during a brief work break; and a 13 minute stress relief meditation guide with voice-guided step-by-step instructions.

3.    Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

(Free on iTunes and Google Play)

The Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga app was one of Amazon’s top best apps of 2012 and is a popular sleep aid. So ask yourself if you are looking for a good night’s sleep? And no, it probably isn’t a mattress issue. If you have difficulty shutting your mind off with all the anxiety and worry rolling around, this app could do the trick.

Relax Melodies features 46 different relaxing melodies and white noise background noises to drift off to. These tranquil sounds are also great to have during yoga meditations or daily exercise activities. It’s the perfect soothing effects to help your mind and body unwind.

4.    Stress Reduction

By Mindware Consulting, Inc. (Free on Google Play)

Stress Reduction is an audio-aid that has two guided relaxation techniques. It helps get rid of stress by teaching useful breathing and visualization practices. The first aid is almost eight minutes long and teaches breathing techniques that relax muscles. The 15 minute second audio, is almost self-hypnotic for a sense of internal peace. In a world where everything is bustling with noise, deadlines and anxiety, a little peace goes a long way.

5.     Stress Management Tips

By the OSG Network (Free on Google Play)

The Stress Management Tips app features vital stress information— including: how stress builds up, stress signals to pay attention to, ways to combat daily stress, and dealing with stress in relationships. Consider this app as the go-to resource for stress management strategies, tips and guides. This app approaches stress from an analytical perspective and includes valuable advice to reduce the risk of that imminent heart attack in the future.

It’s amazing to see what mobile technology affords us these days. There’s a world of information, guides and videos right at our fingertips to improve our health. Simply go to iTunes or Google Play and behold all the valuable information needed to make your new, stress-free resolution a big success in 2014.

Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for ADT Home Security. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider.


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