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5 Methods To Get Rid Of Stress

Is stretching the best exercise?Nowadays stress is, as we all know, public enemy number one. Every one of us suffers from it and it takes a heavy toll on our body, mind and emotions. And since our society of today requires more and more involvement in our work, it does not look as if this is going to change for the better.

Unfortunately the majority of people are still of the opinion that after a stressful day it is relaxing to plump down on the couch in the evening and watch TV.

We don’t notice anymore that when we watch TV we are bombarded with bad news, commercials, sounds and images that actually contribute to our stress.

Meanwhile we also know that after extensive studies experts have determined that heart disease is connected to anger and irritability, which are directly connected to mental stress. Too much of this type of stress causes heart attacks.

More than ever we have to learn to manage the way we walk through life. We have to learn to manage our anger, our attitude, the ways we behave. In order to live a healthy, productive and energetic life we HAVE to learn to effectively get into a state of relaxation.

So how can we get relaxed and get rid of stress?

These self motivation tips are the key to relaxation. To start with, pick up the under mentioned self motivation exercise, so that after a while you acquire the necessary self motivation skills and learn to get experienced in relaxing your body, mind and emotions.


The perfect way to relax and to get in touch with your body, mind and emotions. Moreover it was shown in recent studies that meditation can also reduce blockage in the arteries, which, as we know, is the major cause for heart attack. You can find a few very powerful meditation techniques in my article section.


Another excellent way to find relaxation. Yoga is a method that helps reduce blood pressure faster than many other relaxation techniques. There are many different types of yoga, so you will have to find the type that suits you best.


By exercising you change your physiology, you change your body chemistry and this will ultimately change the way you look at life. Exercise can work as a type of meditation. By focusing on the physical effort you’re performing you will notice that all kinds of unpleasant feelings will disappear after approx. 20 minutes. However, I personally recommend to use exercise in conjunction with one of the other relaxation methods.


A great relaxation technique. However, you will always need someone else to be involved, you are depending on a good massage therapist AND you need to be able to completely surrender to this person.


Breathing is very effective and probably the simplest way to relax. It has a very strong influence on our body, mind and moods. There are several different breathing techniques that can help us to relax. A very effective one is to breath in through the nose while you count from 1-5. Then hold your breath and count till 20 and exhale through your mouth and count till 10. Do this in 2-3 sets of 10 each day. Make sure that when you inhale you use your belly and not your chest.

I hope these self motivation tips may contribute to a more relaxed life. Have a good and conscious look at how you are presently functioning in your life. Are you constantly looking at ways to improve yourself? Pick up this self motivation exercise and notice how after some time of practice they will change into the necessary self motivation skills.

Author Bio: Ab van Deemter ( is a Personal Growth specialist and a spiritual person, who believes in sharing his knowledge of personal perseverance. He has studied metaphysics and other holistic methods for many, many years and embarked on a life of success. With successful tools for personal freedom he has made it past a life full of obstacles and now mentors and teaches business owners, their staff, his own employees, as well as a large group of private individuals.

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