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5 Causes Of Stress You Can Eliminate From Your Life Immediately!

Family FightingWhile many of us experience stress, the causes of stress are something that we don’t often think about. Many of us just accept the fact that we have to let uncontrollable stress into our lives as part of our daily routine. Most experts agree that there are five areas in our lives that are the causes of stress and while they can’t be eliminated, they can be identified and solved.

Stress Cause #1: Your Career

Obviously, everyone has to work and interact with other people on some level. However, with grueling deadlines, personal conflicts, and even something as small as equipment failures –work can get really get to you. Unfortunately, there are very few of us who can avoid work, and a poor work environment can finally cause anyone to become tense.

Stress Cause #2: Your Family

While you may love your family, they will always be a source of some anxiety. The one thing about family is that this is another element in your life that you can’t control. And whether you like it or not, short of getting a divorce (also traumatic) you can’t trade your family in for other people.

Stress Cause #3: Friends And Colleagues

To lead a whole and fulfilling life, you have to be social, but when you choose friends; you have to be careful. Choosing the wrong friends and other people that you associate with can lead to problems that you may not anticipate. This can include alcohol or drug abuse, unhealthy sexual encounters, or other things like peer pressure if you are a teenager.

Stress Cause #4: Stress Comes From Your Romantic Relationships

Whether you are married or just dating, there is a lot of pressure and tension that can arise from those individuals that you fall in love with if the relationship is not equal. Equality and romance don’t always go together the way that you would like, but ignoring the warning signs of your inner voice can lead to constant worry.

Stress Cause #5: Your Finances

Everyone would like to pay their bills, and be able to purchase items that would improve their quality of life. Everyone gets behind with their finances at some point; but if a situation arises that is beyond your financial capabilities, this can be devastating, especially if you have mounting debt.

There Are Solutions To Fight The Causes Of Stress

While you can’t turn back the clock on the results of poor decisions, you can change your future with meditation techniques that really do work. The great thing about contemporary meditation is that it only takes a few minutes a day and can be performed in the privacy of your own home and also at your own pace. Just a little regular practice can bring significant stress relief!

A guided meditation that is recorded on a CD and can be sent right to your home is a great alternative to signing up for classes and learning disciplines like Yoga and Tai Chi in front of strangers. Probably one of the best recorded combinations of both beginning and more advanced meditation techniques out there is “The Core Energy Technique”.

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