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5 Alternative Treatments To Try Before Back Surgery

5 alternative treatments to try before back surgeryBack pain makes daily life and doing daily activities difficult and painful. In addition to that, back pain makes life so much more stressful. You always have to worry about activities that will aggravate the pain, and finding ways to deal with it and move on with your day is always a stressful challenge. Surgery is a common treatment for handling back pain, but it shouldn’t be the first step. Before considering back surgery, try some natural ways to help relieve your back pain.


Exercise keeps your body healthy, and also alleviates stress and anxiety. Through exercise, you strengthen muscles and bones. By exercising your back, you strengthen the muscles, taking less stress of your spine when you do daily activities or more intense activities. Be careful of what type of exercises you choose, however. High-impact exercises like jogging can actually worsen your back pain by adding stress to your back. Choose low-impact exercises, such as swimming and cycling. These exercises keep weight off your back but still help you to work out your muscles.


Stretching is extremely important to help control back pain. Firstly, taking a break to get up and stretch helps relieve tension from your neck and back. Daily, stretching also helps to improve flexibility and the strength of your muscles. Yoga is a great option for improving back heath through stretching.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying excess weight puts additional strain on your back. Losing weight significantly reduces the strain and pain in your back. In some cases, excess weight alone causes back pain. Use diet and exercise to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Alternative Medicines

Two common forms of alternative medicines that help with the spine are chiropractic and massage therapy. A chiropractor helps to manipulate your spin and other bones to relieve tension and stress on your bones, ligaments and muscles. Massage therapy is not only relaxing, it actually helps your back pain. Massage loosens tight muscles, which may be the cause of your back pain.

Physical Therapy

Going to a physical therapy office like Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario is one of the best ways to help your back pain. Not only does your physical therapist help treat your back pain in office through exercise and massage, they also provide you with valuable knowledge for at home care. Physical therapists teach you exercises and stretches that help with your specific back pain.

These tips keep your back strong, flexible and feeling better. Instead of choosing invasive surgery first, try these alternatives and life style changes. By making a few changes to your life, enjoying physiotherapy in Mississauga, and exercising, you can reduce or even eliminate your back pain without surgery, as well as reduce the stress and anxiety that accompany chronic back pain.


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