Deal With Stress

4 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Level

woman taking me timeThese days, it seems like you’re constantly hearing all about the many ways stress reduces a person’s quality of life. Not only can it destroy your health by putting you at risk for developing killer conditions like cancer, heart disease, and stroke, but it can deteriorate the quality of your most important relationships as well.

Even so, far too many people also believe that stress is simple a part of everyday life. They see it as something that a strong person should be able to tolerate without a problem, as well as a sign of productivity – “if you’re not stressed, then you must not be working hard enough”. In reality, high stress levels represent a serious problem that needs to be managed and dealt with sooner rather than later.

Change your mental definition of stress.

As is the case with any positive change you want to make, you need to start with your mindset. Work on redefining how your brain views stress. Stop seeing it as something that simply comes with the territory and start looking at it as something negative that you can learn to manage and get under control. Also stop seeing yourself as weak or lazy for not being able to handle constant stress.

Figure out where the stress is coming from.

If you’re like many people, you’ve most likely been living with stress for so long that you aren’t even completely sure what its causes are anymore. Make it a point to sit down and really pinpoint the sources of stress in your life. Maybe you’re pulling too much of a colleague’s weight at the office. Maybe you’re feeling too much pressure from a spouse in regards to one issue or another. Once you’ve identified the stressors in your life, you can start brainstorming solutions that might take some of the pressure off. Sometimes the solution is as simple as delegating responsibilities properly or communicating more effectively.

Take enough time off.

The 24/7 work schedule so many people feel they need to adhere to in order to succeed is a huge problem when it comes to chronic stress. Make sure that your schedule includes regular days off to spend with your family or on a favorite hobby. Take regular vacations as well. They’re necessary when it comes to maintaining a proper balance in one’s life. Last but not least, there should be at least a couple of hours each day after work that you spend doing something that relieves the pressure a bit. Watch television, spend quality time with your kids, or read the newspaper.

Seek medical care.

Sometimes feelings of stress and helplessness have a medical condition at their root. If you can’t seem to get control over the stress in your life or you’re having trouble identifying the causes, consider making an appointment to talk to your doctor about it. It could be something treatable with medication, a diet change, or a new exercise program. The sooner you get to any possible factors at the center of your high stress levels, the sooner you can get them under control and start living life to the fullest again.

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