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4 Tips To Effectively Deal With Stress

Young Woman Bending Down and Smiling with Arms Stretched BackStress, we hear it all the time and we use it to describe people who look craggy and burnt out without even realizing what stress exactly does to these people and how our bodies react to stressful situations.

When we perceive situations as threatening our nervous system reacts by releasing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones activate our body for emergency action. When we are put under stress our muscles tighten, our breathing becomes ragged, our heart pounds more heavily and rapidly and our blood pressure rises. These physical changes increase stamina and strength and prepare our bodies to either fight or take flight. This reaction is simply known as the stress response.

The stress response is designed to protect us to allow us to stay focused and alert especially in emergency situations. In a way, stress can be beneficial because it sharpens our minds and it keeps us awake and alert. Being stressed can even save our life like when you’re out driving and all of a sudden a car comes out of nowhere and is about to collide with yours. This can be considered as an emergency situation because if you weren’t concentrating enough and failed to hit the brakes you could die from a car accident.

But it is important to know that there is a borderline between stress that is healthy for us and stress that is detrimental to our health. When stress becomes too much it undermines our health in more ways than one most especially if we have not figured out a way to cope with our stressors. While we require small amounts of stress in our lives to push us to do better and excel in our endeavors, overwhelming stress can damage our health, our productivity, how we function, and our relationships with other people and it even affects the quality of our lives.

The good news though is that even if we encounter stress from time to time, we can learn to manage it through effective coping strategies. If you think the pressure is too much and you’re on the brink of losing your mind from all the stress that’s bombarding you from all directions we suggest that you take the time to sit back relax and read on.

  1. Massage – Massage does the trick every single time. Everybody loves a good and relaxing massage. Even for just thirty minutes to an hour you can free your mind from all the stressors that life has brought upon you. Massage has been a popular stress reliever for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates believed in the healing benefits of massage. Massage helps release muscle tension, reduces pain and  improves blood circulation.
  2. Exercise – Exercise is not only good for the physical body but it is also good for the mind. Any form of exercise whether it’s Tai Chi, running, biking or swimming it allows you to exhaust your energy towards activities that you enjoy and it is also an opportunity for you to think things through. Aside from that exercise releases endorphins which are substances that have been known to uplift the mood.
  3. Force yourself to be organized – Notice how a room that’s in disarray can be stressful to the eyes? Well it goes deeper than that. You become irritable and there’s a big tendency for you to easily lose your things. Make an effort to clean all the clutter not just in the tangible world but in life in general.
  4. Live a healthy lifestyle – Exercise plus a healthy diet equates to a healthy lifestyle and a longer life expectancy. Studies have shown that healthy foods can help improve your mood. Besides, you’ll become more energetic enabling you to perform your duties all throughout the day.
  5. Limit your cellphone and internet usage – Some of the root causes of stress come from the internet or even from our phone. We get incessant calls, unrelenting requests and so on that we get consumed by it. Set a time schedule for when you use your phone or the internet so you can relish the rest of the day without thinking about anything related to work or other problems. Free your mind and condition it to be free from stress. The mind is a very powerful weapon. You have to learn to use it wisely.
  6. Have sex – Engaging in a passionate physical contact with the person you love can actually help reduce stress. According to one study, researchers found that those who had sex for two consecutive weeks showed lower stress-related blood pressure. Besides, the body releases oxytocin during sex and this hormone actually acts as a natural sedative which can possibly trigger compassionate feelings and alleviate your mood. Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement that can help improve your libido to enable you to enjoy sex all the more. So if you are having problems in this area, a dose of Tongkat Ali extract will do.

Author: Florence Aguilar – A registered nurse working for, is an avid health writer who keeps himself abreast of the latest research and studies on Tongkat Ali Extract and Health Topics. He believes in the benefits of continued learning and aims to inspire and make the world a better place for both men and women through her writings.

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