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4 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Your Stress

There are many ways of overcoming fear -surely a few that will work for youStress is widespread. It is an epidemic and has debilitated many people today. The sad part is a lot of people think that it is natural.

Don’t allow yourself to be beaten by the stress gods. It would be so easy for you to do a quick search online for tips on how to relax and unwind after a stressful day, but in my opinion, the best advice would be to meet stress head-on; right to the source, and address it before it rears its ugly head.

It is interesting that the solution to relief the stress is given itself in the world of stress as following:

S: Silent

T: Truth be honest and truthful to yourself and others

R: Rest, relax

E: Exercise and eat right and well

S: Sleep well

S: Surrender-do your best and let go…

It’s possible to have a stress-free life. Sure, stress is a result of life’s challenges, and a life devoid of problems is too boring to imagine. BUT, a lot of life’s stresses are unnecessary, and you can fight it head-on by doing simple things. You cannot be a pro at eliminating stress overnight, but you can get it done. It is one goal that is worth your while.

Here are 4 sure ways to get rid of your stress:

1. Learn to identify what causes it. This is by far, the most important tip, as recognizing what causes stress is the first step to getting rid of it altogether. Identify your stressors. What are your triggers? What activities, things, people cause stress in your life? Create a list of sorts, and check which are easiest to address. Weed them out. Stress is sneaky. From dealing with over-demanding customers to being stuck in a bad traffic jam, identify the situation for what it is and keep in mind that it is high time that you put your game face on and take better care of you.

2. Learn to breathe. You will feel and look a lot more peaceful if you calm your body and thoughts. In the middle of a stressful situation, count and breathe to help restore some peace in an otherwise stressful moment.

3. Slow down. Take things slow, don’t rush through life. Enjoy the people around you, savor your food, and appreciate nature. Doing this step alone can do wonders for you.

4. Help. This may seem like a paradox, since eliminating stress usually equates to cutting back and getting more in touch with yourself, but if you were to add anything in your life, this step should be it. Make time to help others, whether it’s volunteering to a cause or charity you are passionate about, or just making an extra effort to be nice and empathetic to any people you meet. Helping lowers stress levels.

True, there is no magic pill to get rid of stress. Seek sensible guidance and advice. Then make the necessary changes, take it one day at a time, and remember to be gentle with yourself. All the very best to you!

Satya Kalra is a former CEO from Biotech Industry and founder of Path to Anandam. She is a philanthropist, spiritual guide, self-transformational and happiness coach, meditation and self-healing expert, international speaker and 6 times bestseller author. Over 35 years, Satya has been teaching how to attain eternal happiness and peace within and reach your unlimited potential by raising your conscious level. She has coached and trained 1000s of people on radio stations, TV shows, universities, Government, organization and entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers and families.

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