Deal With Stress

4 easy steps to raise your vibration (AND manifest ALL you truly desire)

Our clients come to us for two main reasons…

Which one is it for you?

Many, because they want to grow their inner power to create the life they desire. Many come to us initially because they are stressed and overwhelmed.

For some, maybe it’s a little of both.

Here’s the key…

The two are intimately connected.

The keys to finding your calm center and boosting your positive confident vibration are closely linked. They both have to do with cultivating your internal energy.

So let me share with you 4 four steps to help you access the calm vital energy at your Core… and then use that to manifest what you truly desire.

1. The first step is to discover that you can direct your attention inside your body to relax yourself. You are doing this with practices like Core Energy Meditation, and more broadly, Qigong Meditation.

(Qigong Meditation is the root practice from which Core Energy Meditation was developed. The essence of Qigong Meditation is directing your attention inside your body to relax, release and open up energy flow.)

We do this by following specific posture cues to relax your muscles and breathe more fully, deeply, and slowly. This alone can have a pretty instant and powerful effect! You discover that stress has a certain feeling in your body and that you can shift your stress response immediately with a few simple inner actions.

When you learn to calm your stress response, you free up tremendous energy reserves that you can then use to replenish your body and empower all the better things that you’d like to do with that energy. Relaxing is an important first step, not only for stress reduction, but also for creating the life you want from the inside-out.

2. The next step is to generate positive feelings. While feeling relaxed is great and it gives you more energy, now you want to ramp up the good feelings. Your energy then becomes a powerful positive force for you and your life. In Qigong Meditation, one of the ways we do this is through Inner Smiling.

Try this right now as an experiment…

Just for a moment… smile… and notice how that instantly shifts your inner state.

Now imagine what would happen if you learned to send that smiling energy through your whole body and out into your entire life. Not only does it feel amazing, it also boosts your immune system, builds your confidence, and boosts your positive attracting force in the world.

I show you many more ways to raise and channel your energetic vibration in my Qigong Meditation program. In fact, with this program you get MANY inner skills for cultivating Qi and sending that energy throughout your entire body and your life. You’ll love it.

It’s perfect for “energy meditation” beginners as it is for Core Energy Meditation students wanting the “next level”.

Moreover, after going through this program, you’ll have the skills to tremendously deepen any mind-body practice you’re already doing, helping you propel your energetic vibration to the next level. It really is amazing.

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3. Now, once you’ve got that relaxed positive energy flowing, you can direct that energy to specific places in your body to relax tension, release inner blocks, facilitate healing, and boost your vibration.

Did you know that your limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are stored in your body in specific locations?

Through Core Energy and Qigong Meditation, you learn how to access those places of negativity and tension and clear them from the inside, on the primary energetic level.

This is powerful not only for those conscious inner limits you know about, but also for those subconscious tendencies that seem to come out of nowhere and get in your way.

4. Finally, once you’ve opened smooth energy flow through your whole body, you can use the energy you’ve gathered to attract more good things into your life. You can direct that powerful internal energy into what you are passionate about and what is truly important to you.

So in broad strokes, those are the essentials of Qigong Meditation – the root practice from which Core Energy Meditation was developed.

If you’re ready to take your vibration to the next level, then I recommend you check out my Qigong Meditation program.

Through Qigong Meditation, you develop all the skills to cultivate the highest energetic vibration, so that you are more relaxed and at ease and able to attract what you truly desire. You learn to master your internal energy and master your life.

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Enjoy your practice,

Kevin & Matt The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. Many people who begin with traditional meditation find that my Qigong Meditation program takes them to a whole new level. You learn to relax very deeply, feel your internal energy, and shift your inner state into a powerful positive vibration. Not only does this feel great, it also serves as a launching pad of calm powerful energy that will supercharge any existing mind-body practice and empower you to create the life you desire. Check it out here: