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3 Tips for Simplified Time Management for Moms

Simplify your days and stop juggling too many tasksThis month on Let’s Talk Live DC I decided to bring up the topic of time management. If you’re a mom you understand the importance of your time. We’re all allotted the exact same amount of hours within the day to get what we need to or want to get done.

Yet, when talking to moms, one of the biggest struggles is the overwhelming feeling that they never have ENOUGH time.

What happens is conflict arises when any of our activities, obligations, commitments, and responsibilities become misaligned with our core values and true priorities in life. When we look at life’s big picture and what we want for ourselves and our family, we are really are looking to see if we’re spending enough time in the most important aspects of our life or not.

And more time than not, when we look at the big picture, become overwhelmed and frustrated with not having ENOUGH time and just wind up settling and continue living ‘as-is’ instead of making a change.Pin It

However, if you’re ready to make changes to take charge of your own time and begin to align it with what matters there are few simple, universal suggestions that work for every mom:


1.  Multitasking is necessary, but overused

It’s in our blood as moms to be great multi-taskers. I think come dinner time is when we shine our Olympic-level multitasking. Preparing the family’s dinner, tidying up the house, putting away dishes, making sure baby is entertained and content, the dogs are fed and that you’re not burning anything or anyone. But when it comes to pretty much anything else, multitasking is overused. Multi-tasking can scatter and divert energy due to starting and stopping projects often. You can really only focus on one task at a time. As you go throughout your day look at where you overuse multitasking and see how things would be different if you stopped everything but the most important item and gave it your 100%. I guarantee if you try to play with the baby, watch your favorite TV show, reply to emails and do your hair… something is going to go amuck.


2.  To Do lists should be simple

I once heard someone say never put your to-do list for the day on anything but a small post-it note, and write big! Crossing things off our list can be fulfilling, but what usually happens is it’s 8pm and we see that list we created at 8am and become discouraged since we haven’t crossed off ONE item. And it doesn’t help we use notebook paper with 10-20+ items for us to do each day. Get clear or 1-2 important items that you’ll do that day and let go of the rest. And understand you’re WHY behind the items. Are you doing that because you think it will make you look productive and please someone else? Or are you doing it because it really is important to you?

3.  Rest and relaxation needs to be a priority

When you’re not well rested, everything can seem like a chore. Whether your at home or at work, sometimes time away (even a 5 minute break) can be important to refresh, reset and rejuvenate. Make sure you’re also getting the right amount of sleep for you at night. For some moms, okay, most moms this is pretty unrealistic so if you’re not, can you fit in a cat nap during the day? Maybe go to bed earlier? Wake up a little later? Sleep and fitness are usually the first things that get pushed off priority list when other things seem to take over. So take a good look and evaluating what can be shifted in order to get you the rest you need will help you in all areas of your life.

Question time! What would you add to the list? What are some of your biggest struggles with managing your time with bliss and balance?

Author Bio: Katie O’Brien is a Certified Professional Life Coach who is all about Balance, Bliss & Babies. Owner of KAO Coaching and a loving mother herself, she remains passionate for helping moms move beyond the painful norms of motherhood while creating their happiest, healthiest selves. She’s the go-to-gal for women who are ready to squash their stress, raise their energy level and create a happier, healthier balance in their mama-life! Connect with Katie and get more Balance + Bliss tips at!

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