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Greetings 🙂

Just a couple of quick announcements today.

1) First, I’m glad you’re enjoying the meditation videos! I’m going to leave them up for a few more days, so do make the most of them. Here are links and please share them with your friends:

4 Secrets To Raise Your Energetic Frequency

How To Clear Negative Patterns For Good At The Deepest Level

Using Meditation To Manifest Whatever You Truly Desire

2) For a long time now, people have been asking how to work with me without the $12,000 annual investment. The good news is that I have found a way for you to get MOST of the benefits of coaching with me for a TINY FRACTION of my normal rates.

I’ll be announcing this to all my contacts in the next few days. If you want to jump on the “early bird”, and learn more about this rare opportunity before it’s officially released, you can do that here:

And if you enjoy these videos, please share them!


– Matt Clarkson

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