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10 Ways to Stop Stressing About Your Body Image

Walking is one of the ways to stop stressing about your body imageA body image problem is hard for most people to comprehend. However, it is real and affects millions of people. While it is hard to overcome, here are some ways to stop stressing about your body image :

Eat Healthy Foods: When eating well, you will not only look great but feel better too. Although it may take some time to see results, by eating a lot of unprocessed foods,  fruits and vegetables, you can start looking great with little effort.

Fun Exercise: When trying to get in shape, it’s a good idea to try fun exercises like bike riding, tennis and hiking. For some people, this can be more enjoyable than jogging or lifting weights. The more a person enjoys their workouts, the likelier they are to return to them again.

Unwind: After a long day at the office or in school, it’s important to unwind. This means different things to different people, so find something that relaxes you, and do it!   By soaking in the bath or reading a fun novel, you can relax and de-stress after a long day. This will go a long way in helping to improve overall health and body image.

Think Happy Thoughts: Although this is not always easy, it’s important to look at the bright side. With optimism, you will not only have more energy but will look at the world in a completely different way. This is an important step to take to live a positive and happy life.

:  This is a pretty obvious one, but is still essential. Drinking a lot of water is crucial to living healthier lifestyle and improving body image. You may also find that you have clearer and fresher looking skin. This is a quick way to get great looking skin without much effort or money.

Get More Sleep: Do you want to wake up and look healthier? Get more sleep! Although this varies by person, it’s amazing what 8 hours of sleep every night can do to your body. This will allow you to wake up refreshed, happy and optimistic.

Surround Yourself with Positive People: Too many people have negative or unhappy attitudes about life,  which can be contagious. Spend time with upbeat and positive people who won’t bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself.  Try to be someone who wants to live life to its fullest, and have fun by avoiding negativity and people with poor outlooks on life.

Walk Around the Block: With a short walk before or after dinner, you can burn a few calories and have a few quiet minutes to relax and think about life. It will make you more in tune with your body, and you’ll have more respect for all that your body does for you.

Cut Back on Alcohol: After a night of drinking too much, most people will wake up tired, groggy and not looking their best, which can reinforce a negative body image. To avoid this, you may want to avoid drinking altogether, or if you do plan on having a few drinks, have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. This will keep you hydrated and slow the negative effects of alcohol.

Daily Affirmation: If you are looking for that extra push, it’s a good idea to go in front of the mirror and have a daily affirmation. With this, you can feel good about the way you look and act. Do this in the morning, and start the day off on the right foot!

It’s never a good idea to stress over your self-image, since stress and worry will only add to your troubles.  Try these 10 tips, and see if you don’t feel better about your body and the world!


Derek is a blogger for Bariatrx, an advanced medical weight loss center located in northern New Jersey. He enjoys blogging about self image and how it affects millions of people.

2 replies on “10 Ways to Stop Stressing About Your Body Image”

No problem Angela! I enjoyed writing the article. So many people stress over body image (including myself) and sometimes it’s just all in our head. We have enough stuff to worry about so why stress over our body image? I use these tips and they have helped me tremendously.

Good luck guys and lets have a stress-free and healthy 2014!

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