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The #1 Way to Simplify Your Hectic and Stressful Life

stress tipsLooking for ways to slow your hectic pace and just plain have more “you” time?  Most of us in today’s society are often exhausted from meeting the demands of both our personal and work lives day in and day out.  It seems we’re trying to beat the clock on a daily basis and most nights just drop into bed completely exhausted.  Expectations placed on us with kids, spouses, jobs, friends, and even extended families are getting to be more than we can handle and often times create stressful circumstances we tolerate or suffer through rather than just say no.

See if this sounds familiar.  You planned a quiet evening at home to relax and watch a good movie you know is on T.V.  Just as you were heading home from work on your way to that quiet evening, your phone rings and a friend insists you join him for a night out, or a family member calls and wants your attention for some drama going on in his or her life, or it’s your employer calling with an unreasonable last minute demand.  Rather than tell him or her you have a prior commitment and you’re unable to join them, you cave and agree to what they want even though all you want to do is have a night to relax at home and watch the movie.

Why do we let this continue until we end up stressed out, exhausted, and not enjoying life?  Simply put–we have trouble setting and exercising personal boundaries and instead just relinquish our personal power.

If you want to make a powerful change that will simplify and greatly improve your hectic and stressful life, here are the steps I recommend you take:

1) Remember to respect yourself and honor that respect.  When you develop a healthy (not arrogant) respect for yourself and live by it, other people learn they can’t take advantage of you.  Sure it’s great to be available at times when people really need you and you want to help, but remember you have your own life to live and you don’t have to give away your time and respond to every request or demand.  Respect yourself and others will, too;

2) Set boundaries.  Many of us have people we contend with each day that push the limits of what is acceptable in terms of expectations.  And, there are also those who we may not have regular contact with who contact us out of the blue and expect something of us.  Rather than give in to these types of expectations and force yourself to do something you don’t want or have time to do, set some personal boundaries and exercise them when necessary; and finally,

3) Learn to say no.  Sometimes you just have to say no.   Once you take your personal power back or get the power you never before let yourself exercise by setting boundaries, this isn’t so hard to do.  Stand your ground and say no.  You can and should of course be polite and suggest a rain check or tell the drama queen or king you will call them back when you can, etc., but don’t be pressured into anything.  Once you set your boundaries, expect them to be honored—not necessarily accepted, but honored.  With time, they will be accepted–if you hold your ground and are consistent in implementing them.

Remember, it’s your life.  Simplify it so you can enjoy it!

Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Intuitive Life and Law of Attraction Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, blogger, and published author.  Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful lives they love.  To learn more about connecting with your intuition and the benefits of Intuitive Life and Law of Attraction Coaching or to schedule a free consultation with Peggy, please visit her website at

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