Free Stuff From The “Core Energy Meditation” Program!


STEP 1: Download the Core Energy Technique Audio

Please – grab this if you don’t already have it! This 6 minute audio shows you how to release from the grip of any negative emotion or limitation in the moment.

It might take a little practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it this is something you’ll be able to call on for the rest of your life! Also, remember that your ability to release limitations gets deeper and more profound the more you practice Core Energy Meditation. Right Click the link below to download the Core Energy Technique:

Click here to download the Core Energy Technique audio
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STEP 2: Download Your FREE Report About Releasing & Manifesting


This report reveals why sometimes we don’t manifest what we want and what to do about it. It also tells you how to “Raise Your Vibration” so that you can …. and you do! It’s a free gift from Matt and myself and you can download it here:

Click here to download
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STEP 3: Listen To This Short Audio: “What Is The Most Effective Way To Meditate?”

This conversation was intended for our ears ONLY. We didn’t think anyone else would ever hear it. But, because so many are asking questions about “Core Energy Meditation”, I thought it made sense to let you listen in to this private conversation.

What is the difference that makes ALL the difference when it comes to your health, happiness and manifesting what you truly desire? Click the PLAY button to hear the audio and find out!


STEP 4: Click here take the 3-minute meditation quiz and learn more about Core Energy Meditation.


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