Planning Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Wedding

weddingSpring is well on its way (we hope!) and having said that, so is wedding season. With the promise of long summer days and starry nights ahead of us, the tensions are mounting as the day on which you pledge to share your life with your Prince Charming is getting closer. You need to know that you are not alone. Even the most seemingly stress-free brides-to-be can be pushed to their limits sometimes. That’s why we’ve compiled some planning tips for a stress-free summer wedding to help you get back on track without costing you your sanity.

April Showers

If the notion that rain on your wedding day will bring you good fortune isn’t one that appeals to you, then safe guard yourself against it. Luckily, with a number of wedding venues with rental facilities that offer cover for your reception, you can still have an outdoor summer wedding and a reception that won’t get dampened by showers.

Keep Up the Exercise

Research shows that making time to work out keeps you mentally level. While you may wonder where you will even find the time to indulge in exercise, it’s important that you do. Keep going to your usual yoga class or jog every other morning. Not only will this give you the energy you need to keep at that intimidating To Do list, but you’ll also find your mind a lot more relaxed.

Hand Some of the Decisions Over

So, you’re certain that you want your bridesmaids in pastel coloured dresses, but you aren’t sure which colour or what style? Leave the decision to them. Choose as many colours as there are bridesmaids, and let them each sort it out among themselves as to who will wear what colour. When it comes to the style of their dress, give them the green light to choose, providing a few hard and fast rules when it comes to length of the dress and other aspect of it. Bring all of it together by choosing a pair of shoes that every bridesmaid will wear.

Tame the Budget

As arguably one of the greatest sources of wedding stress, the budget can be one of the toughest parts of wedding preparation. And unless you have a large budget already in place or a family with deep pockets, it’s important that you dedicate yourself to keeping costs down. Prioritising any expenses you will have is the first step. Keep track of your spending so that you can balance the budget as you go. Ask yourself continuously what you will remember the most from this day, and decide whether it really is worth spending so much money on a centrepiece. If you’re able to make them yourself without relying on the expensive florist, then do it. Determine your needs versus your wants and be realistic.

As with most big milestones in life, there is bound to be both moments of sheer ecstasy and others of stress and grief. But the important thing to remember is that you want to have a wedding day that you’ll remember with happiness. Take every step in your stride and remember the big picture. After all, it’s not the fancy light fittings or place settings that your guests came to see. And if you focus on that and the people you’re sharing your special day with, then your spring wedding ought to be one that’s relatively stress free!

Robyn Porteous is the Creative Content Manager for Birando, the home of innovative party products for every occasion. More of her writing can be found on her Google+ Profile.

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