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Loads of people have been emailing us asking for a re-send of the various audios, PDFs, and training we’ve been sending you.

* Some wanted the Core Energy Technique re-sending.

* Others wanted the “Raise Your Vibration” report.

* Some are wanting the interview and private class for Core Energy Meditation students.

So the good news is that I have moved all the goodies onto ONE PAGE for you.

You can download everything here:

If you have time for just one thing on this page, makes sure you grab a copy of the Core Energy Technique, if you haven’t already. It’s amazing for returning to a state of connection to Source whenever you need it.

We hope you enjoy the information, but remember, the practice is what really makes the difference in your life.

Happy practicing,

– Matt & Kevin

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P.S. Core Energy Meditation clears any blocks or resistance points that hold you back. It raises your Core Energetic Vibration on all levels — body, heart, and mind — so you live your whole life from a vibrant, calm, clear, positive Core Energy State! Learn more and get started here.


The Most PROFOUND AH-HA You Need From “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days”!

One of the most profound ah-ha’s on my clearing journey came when I was working with a client on the phone. I remember it well…..

Financial Empowerment Mini Meditation image

As you’d expect, he was telling me about all his issues — and I was asking him to “welcome” each of the 9 sticking points we’re covering in our free event, “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days!

(REMEMBER: When we welcome each sticking point, we’re “unhooking” it so it can easily pass through awareness.)

But oddly, NONE of the clearing techniques were working!

He was saying things like, “Yeah, but I already tried that…. But what about X? And that doesn’t work because of Y…..”

So I tried LOTS of different variations to find something that would work for him. I attacked (metaphorically speaking) his suffering from every conceivable angle, looking for an opening. But everything I tried failed.

Have you ever felt like that in YOUR clearing practice? Like nothing was working? Read on!

In the end, it became clear that the problem WASN’T the techniques I was using. The problem was he didn’t WANT to be free of it. Now you might not believe that, but go with me on this…..

When I listened to him argue with everything I said, I realized he was actually working hard to defend his suffering and keep his negative patterns spinning! Crazy, right? But this is what we all do sometimes!

In the end I said, “Well which would you rather have? Would you rather continue believing in your problems, or would you rather be free? It’s your choice – no skin off my nose!”

In that moment, the whole house of cards fell apart in an instant.

Because he realized he was actually CHOOSING to suffer over and over again (unconsciously, at least).

Now you might say, “But if something isn’t consciously chosen then it’s not a real choice”. And that’s exactly my point.

His lack of a clear positive choice is still a choice to suffer. It’s a choice to remain a slave of an unconscious negative pattern. As soon as he saw that for himself, he was able to say:

“What the **** am I doing? I’m tired of this ****. Now I see I can choose, I’m choosing to be done with this suffering and be free!”

In that moment, it was OVER.

The whole painful pattern that he’d been struggling with for so long was GONE in an instant (and as far as I know, never came back).

Then I said, “Oftentimes we don’t realize we’re choosing to suffer over and over. It’s kind of like ‘better the Devil you know than the one you don’t’. We won’t let go of our suffering because we think it is safer to know what to expect, and that brings some perverse sense of safety.”

“But can you see that the fake sense of safety is a lie your mind is generating?”

“When you actually examine the effect of this negative pattern in your life, you can see this for yourself, can’t you?”

“The reality is that anything less than choosing to be fully liberated, isn’t safe. You can see that now, can’t you?”

“Yes, Matt”, he smiled. And that was that.

So please – keep this in mind as you continue your clearing journey.

Before you start doing ANY clearing techniques, and especially, whenever you feel stuck, ask yourself this:

“Would I rather continue suffering, or would I rather be free?”

And always remember that you have the CHOICE. Even if your entire history tells you otherwise, you can always choose to be free in this moment.

Now that doesn’t mean there might not be some murky residue to work through, but so what?

Remember, the mind and your negative patterns will always lie to you, but it’s always up to YOU (the real you) to CHOOSE to be free. Your conscious CHOICE and INTENTION to be free of the negative pattern marks the turning point.

This is something we’re going to expand on in today’s session, (Session 4) titled:

“How To Feel Whole, Complete, And Worthy Within Yourself”.

Most of us don’t realize we’re CHOOSING to beat ourselves, play victim, and feel “unworthy”. And that in this moment, you can always choose to be liberated, welcome it, and then let it go.

Session 4 of “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days” is ready and waiting for you online. You can access for the next 48 hours here:

Take care,

– Matt Clarkson