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Meditation and Healing

Meditation-1024x1024When the time has come to heal, meditation can be a significant tool in the process. Whatever it is we’re healing from, whether it be emotional or physical pain, this is a practice that brings us closer to our inner peace. From the inside is where all healing begins.

As we connect with the peaceful pool of solitude within ourselves, we also connect with others in a positive way. Because our connection to ourselves is the first and foremost relationship from which all our other relationships are born.

Start small, meditating for only five minutes after you’re done reading this article. Remove any exterior distractions. Turn off the television, radio, close your books, and go to a space where there will be nothing but you and the quiet cloak of solitude.

You don’t have to visualize in these types of meditations. Simply set a timer for five minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes and think of absolutely nothing. Allow any thoughts that may pop up to leave your mind at once. Don’t dwell on them, just let them go.

After you have let your mind settle on the movement and sound of your own breath, you’ve now connected with yourself for five minutes that you wouldn’t have been able to do before. All it took was an effort to do and think of nothing for a very short time.

Those of you who meditate regularly have been through this exercise, and more than likely went beyond your five minutes to 10, 15 and 20. The goal is that once you have mastered meditation for five minutes, that you implement additional time every day and challenge yourself to do more.

The more we meditate, the more peaceful and connected we become within ourselves. Our thoughts become more centered, and we allow our bodies, minds and spirits to heal themselves. Our inner relationship, and those with others, will benefit significantly from what started with only five minutes a day.

Meditate—may your healing bring peace and all that is good to you.

Author Bio: Tina Hisick is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Reiki and Energy Healing student, Ministerial student, Inspirational Writer and an avid Astrology hobbyist. You can read more articles by Tina Ann Hisick at

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