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The Unmistakable Signs Of Depression in Women

There are many signs of depression in womenWomen and Depression

There is an unbelievably heartless stigma linked to depression… especially from those who have never experienced it! Part of this stigma is that the fairer sex often struggle with depression more than men. This falsely leads to depression as simply a character flaw or even a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Depression is a mental disorder that is caused by a number of different circumstances and requires various levels of treatment on a case by case basis. Signs of depression in women may be similar nonetheless treatment varies significantly each time. And despite depression being more prevalent in females, it affects both males and females.

Women suffering from clinical depression faces unimaginable challenges. It is a very serious condition that negatively affects her self esteem, her relationships, social life and also her job. Depression in women causes great impacts to her life and reduces any opportunity to get the best out of life and herself. Without great support from her closest relationships it can seem hopeless.

Sounds grim? It is! Especially when you stop to consider the frequency of depression in women. According to the National Mental Health Association, some time in a woman’s life, there is a one in eight chance that she will suffer from a major depressive disorder.

Its not all doom and gloom however as depression in women can definitely be treated. The success of the treatment is dependent on how well you can identify and understand your symptoms. The better educated you are about your depression and the road ahead, the better results you will have. The initial step is in identifying the signs.

Signs Of Depression In Women

– Lack of interest in activities that are usually enjoyable, including sex

– A significant decrease in energy and overwhelming fatigue

– Sleeping extremes – either way too much hardly a wink

– Difficulty making decisions or remembering basic things

– Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, anger and guilt

Signs Of Depression in Women that require immediate attention!

– Persistent headache and chronic pain that do not respond to medications

– Constant feeling of sadness, anxiety and emptiness

– Excessive crying (you cry for no reason) and extreme bouts of unexplained irritability

– Suicidal behavior or thoughts – MAJOR WARNING SIGNS – Get help IMMEDIATELY!

Are Signs Of Depression in Women More Serious?

Depression in anyone, male or female, is significant and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Although the signs and symptoms of depression are similar for both sexes, it is the way they themselves consider these signs of depression that makes the difference.

Men and women see all components of life differently, almost opposites actually and the same goes for depression causes. As an example, when things are going wrong, men look to blame others whereas women will blame themselves. Also, men can look for conflict as opposed to women avoiding conflict. Men will keep their issues guard and to themselves meanwhile women feel scared. Furthermore, there is a large amount of social pressure for women in today’s society including having children, juggling a career and having a husband, creating the perfect home as well as maintaining that perfect Vogue cover girl body! With all these factors, it should come as no surprise that you see signs of depression in women more often than men!

A major sign of Depression in Women – Negativity and self loathing

Despite the source, steady negativity is not solely just a personality type but one of the noticeable signs of depression in women. It could be anything from poor body image, bad financial positioning or some other stress form home, work or social situations. Too often the women is tagged as a negative bellyacher or a whinger however the truth is that once depression takes a hold, everything seems dark and hopeless and there seems no way out. Even in basic situations.

The key is to recognize your depression, your causes, your triggers and get clear about what you need to get well again. Treatments differ with each woman and are associated with the symptoms. Anywhere from natural cures for depression, to hormone replacement therapy, prescription medication, conventional therapy, exercising regularly and cleaning up your diet can help and even getting out in the sun can be surprisingly effective!

It is of critical importance to get help from friends, family, your partner as well as your family physician as soon as you first start to see the signs of depression in women. Don’t wait too long to get help as every single day counts!

Depression is a truly awful condition and sadly is completely misunderstood with an incredibly cruel stigma attached to it. With this type of illness, information is key and the more we know about the symptoms and triggers of depression, the better equipped we are to deal with it.

We can all learn more about how to get over depression, and understand important Teenage Depression Facts.

I wish you all the luck in the world in getting over your depression and really hope my website can help!

By: Cameron Abel

Article Source: The Unmistakable Signs Of Depression in Women

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