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After hitting the “send” button for Wednesday’s post, “Robin Williams: A Grander Purpose To His Passing,” I admit I was worried.

I tried to stop the email broadcast, but when I checked our system it said “cued” and so could not be stopped… I panicked.


I was panicking about the part at the end — The Rocking Chair Test.

In the context of Robin’s passing, which I know many of us are really sad about, I reasoned that it was “too much” to ask people to consider the consequences of their negative patterns NOT changing until old age, and even the “worst case scenario”. That’s just insensitive, I concluded.

But then came another shock —

Tons of signups for a Get Unstuck Breakthrough Session with one of our trained coaches. I mean a LOT. More than myself and my team can handle. So yesterday, I had to end the big discount and put the cost of the session back to the normal rate. (This wasn’t a marketing ploy either. We really couldn’t cope with the number of new Get Unstuck bookings and had to slow things down….)  A good problem to have.

Then, as I was exercising yesterday, a new feeling came over me.

While I’m sorry if I offended anyone, I thought that we all have to be really careful we’re not deluding ourselves. I mean we have to be really, really honest with ourselves — honest about the likely consequences of our actions and inactions.

The reality is that most people don’t normally consider what is likely to happen if their stuck patterns do not change, and that’s exactly what they stay stuck for years. Considering the consequences can inspire positive and necessary action. So once again, I’ve changed my opinion and here’s what’s happening:

I’ve spoken with my team of coaches, and the good news is that we’re going to make room for the additional Get Unstuck Sessions. I have also brought back the big discount so that everyone has the opportunity to get a session at the special rate. See below for details.

The main thing I want to say right now is that if you’ve had a stuck pattern for a long time — a pattern of fear, sadness, procrastination, feeling like you’re not enough, or whatever it is…. then please TAKE ACTION.

Now that does not necessarily have to be a Get Unstuck session. There are plenty of great modalities out there, and you should do whatever you feel is working best. But do take action. The goal is to clear the stuck-ness completely so you can move forward in your life and “live the life you were mean to” — so do take whatever action you feel is best to achieve that.

And if a Get Unstuck Session with one of our coaches feels right to you, then please, claim a session today while the discounted session is still available. See below for full details.


– Matt

P.S. NEW, For a Limited Time… How To “Get Unstuck” For Good.

1. Uncover your inner blocks to unshakable inner peace and massive
success – realizing and clearly seeing the underlying beliefs, tendencies,
emotions, and behaviors that have been keeping you stuck for far too long!

2. Learn how to clear whatever is holding you back and create a practice
that works best for you. This will allow you to further deepen and expand
your results.

3. Complete the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to move
confidently forward in your life and true calling. Feeling grounded and
centered in your Core, fully allowing the Universal love-consciousness
to work through you to create what you truly desire!

After the 45-60 minute ‘Get Unstuck’ Breakthrough Session, we think you’ll
be truly excited by the results. But in the unlikely event that you don’t
feel “unstuck” and that you’ve had outstanding value from the session,
simply email our support team within 48 hours. Just let us know you’re “not satisfied with the session”
and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, 45-60
minute ‘Get Unstuck’ Breakthrough Session, you’ll need to act fast
because we only have the space to work with a handful of clients.

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if the shopping cart says “out of stock” then we are already booked up.
You can expect to be contacted by our team to schedule your ‘Get
Unstuck’ session within two business days. Again, to take advantage
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Wishing you peace and prosperity,

– Matt Clarkson

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