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How To Save A Life

depressed-womanHave you ever wondered “how to save a life?” –

I mean really SEARCHED for the answer to that question?

It’s powerful to do that, you know 🙂

What does it really take to save a human life from the deepest hurts imaginable, and even the brink of destruction and annihilation?

Here’s a little more of my story and perspective…

STEP 1: How To Save A Life – Demonstrate before and after to your prospect

There was a time in my life when I was so lost, and in so much emotional pain, that I actually thought of ending it all. On several occasions actually. Years later, having made it through years of pure hell – the acute anxiety, depression, and feeling of utter hopelessness – I’m glad to say I now live life from a very different place.

(Now for the “after” – please allow me to brag a bit here for your benefit – since the ego is not who I really am anyway!)

These days I live from a place of unlimited, boundless energy which seems to get deeper day by day. (This isn’t a self-help affirmation, by the way – the experience is totally beyond the mind and all thinking). For years now, the sense of feeling like a separate incomplete and self is no more. Stuff occasionally comes up, but passes through awareness very quickly. I would like for you and your friends to have the same experience, no matter how much hurt is currently blocking you.

STEP 2: How To Save A Life – Ask yourself, “Can I actually do this?”

It was a long road filled with tremendous heartache and pain. Looking back years later, many times I have asked myself the question:

“Had I known then what I know now, could I have saved that kid some of the pain he went through?”

There’s never any doubt about the answer.

“You better believe I can.”

IMHO, going through something that severe gives you a different set of priorities compared with most people.

But so what? Knowing HOW to save a life is not enough anyway. You actually have to get through to the person you’re trying to save.

STEP 3: How To Save A Life – Let go of wanting to control, love them as they are

In the last few years, I learned something more from the various retreats I’ve attended.

You can’t MAKE someone do anything, or even get them to see “reality” from your perspective.

When we try to “save” another from the place of wanting to control them (even positively) then they tend to just push pack – it flat out doesn’t work. To actually save a life, it’s good to let go of your own desire to help/fix and just love them as they are — even when they do things that you think makes no sense at all (from your perspective).

From a place of real love (non-attachment), you create space for the transformation to happen. Now you can invite them to take a small step that would be positive, but be okay whether the answer is yes or no.

Makes sense so far? OK, I really should have told you this next bit at the start of the email. But so what, it really wouldn’t have been much of an article then would it? 🙂

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to save anyone, start with the only person you can actually save

If you really want to save a life, then start with the only person you can actually help “get unstuck” – yourself. Those you’d like to help will be most inspired to change by who you are, what you embody, who you become, and how you live your life.

And finally, with those insights in mind…

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3) Consider sharing this life-changing practice with everyone you know (HINT: Don’t try to impose it – just invite them to try it and be okay whether they say yes or no).

Much Love!

Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

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