Beat Depression Relieve Anxiety

Don’t Give Up—You Can Still Beat Depression and Anxiety!

Woman Resting in BathIf you’re like a lot of people I know, your battle to beat depression and anxiety has been a long and arduous one. You’ve tried—like really tried—and you still can’t seem to kick the blues or feel peace in your life for any extended period of time.

You might be what I like to call a personal development backslider, meaning you try really hard for a while and then for whatever reason, you stop practicing meditation, yoga, or whatever it is that was working for you. Maybe life just got too busy, or perhaps you plateaued and thought is just wasn’t doing anything for you anymore.

Whatever the reason, now you’ve found yourself back in that awful place of beating yourself up, feeling like you’re going crazy, and not knowing how to relieve your stress or even to try to beat depression again. On top of that, you probably feel guilty for “backsliding,” and you may be to the point of giving up altogether. Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to thinking that you just have a “depressed personality” and are simply incapable of feeling sustained peace or joy.

Think again! You are not hard-wired for depression or anxiety, and you deserve better. Here are a few ways that you can beat depression and anxiety even when you feel like giving up.

1. Get Back on Track

There’s a reason it’s called personal development and not personal ascension. You don’t just flip a switch one day and know exactly how to relieve your anxiety once and for all. I wish it was that easy, but being happy and peaceful takes work sometimes. Know that this is the case for practically everyone, and you’re not just some bad seed or something. Now that you’ve got that figured out, it’s time to get back on track with a daily regimen of meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, or the like…your choice!

2. Have a Backup Plan

Ok, so there are going to be days when you don’t feel like mediating or exercising. Fine. You’re not a robot after all; everyone needs a little variety. But just because you don’t feel like practicing your usual relaxation technique doesn’t mean you get to do nothing. I mean who is so lazy that they can’t get up the motivation to relax, anyway? *wink* To avoid getting back in a rut, make sure you have a back-up plan (or two) so that you’re doing something good for yourself every day.

3. Track Your Progress

Get a journal or start a blog about your personal development. That way, you can track your progress, and when you get to that plateau we were talking about before, you can read back through to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. That way, you’ll know that it’s time to step it up a notch instead of falling back into a slump.