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Natural Treatments For Depression: How Effective Can They Be?

Woman wondering about natural treatments for depressionBeing depressed can easily make you feel helpless. You’re not. In conjunction with proper treatment and possibly medication, there’s a whole lot you can do to help yourself including: Exercising, lifestyle choices, as well as your everyday mindset. All of these are types of natural depression treatments.

The common method for depression management is to bring specific neurotransmitters back into balance with the aid of pharmaceutical drugs. Whilst these medical treatments have their place, several of these medications specifically designed to combat depression often fail. More often than not they have the same effect as placebos, and often come with a range of undesirable negative effects. Similar to statins, these drugs do not target the real source of the illness, just the symptoms. They may help in the short term, however to really get to the root of a depressive disorder you might find using an alternative course of action the way to go.

Before we continue any further, you should bear in mind that natural remedies for depression should only be utilized under the advice of a health care professional and not as a substitute for expert help. With this in mind, below are four over the counter remedies that may assist you in your fight against depression:.

Omega-3’s: Preliminary research have actually found that omega-3 essential acids obtained from fish oils (not flaxseed) could be effective in the treatment of depression. Taking an everyday supplement may in addition boost your cardiovascular health. Omega 3 derived from fish oils have few or no recognized negative side effects to date.

St. John’s Wort: St John’s Wort is a plant-derived natural remedy which is thought to be effective for dealing with mild to modest cases of depression.

S-Adenosyl Methionine: SAM or SAM-e (pronounced “sammy”) is a natural compound that all mammals manufacture. Taken as a supplement, it may ease the signs of depression. Taking SAM-e, can potentially cause the brain to manufacture and have access to better levels of the important neurotransmitters, which in turn may help eradicate feelings of depression.

Saffron: Saffron extract could enhance signs of depression, nevertheless more research is required. One should also note that high doses can induce considerable negative side effects.

In the past, the quality of many of the diet supplements available on the American market were often dubious to say the least. However with enhanced regulation by the FDA, this concern is slowly on the decrease. Nevertheless it’s still a good idea to do some personal study before starting to take any kind of nutritional supplement. Make sure you’re buying your supplements from a reliable firm, and find out exactly just what they include.

You should be aware that some herbal and diet supplements could induce potentially unsafe interactions with various other medications. For your own piece of mind, speak with your physician before taking a supplement for your depression.

Alongside the recommendations mentioned above, those with mild depression usually benefit significantly from the use of “mind-body therapies” which represent a different kind of   natural depression treatment.

Relaxation Strategies

For people who are reluctant to seek professional help for their depression, relaxation methods may be the best way forward, compared to doing nothing at all. Based on a Cochrane Evaluation of 15 medical tests, procedures (such as dynamic muscular tissue relaxation, autogenic training) are not as efficient as mental therapies like cognitive-behavior therapy, however they are better than nothing for individuals with depression.


Meditation is a form of relaxation whereby individuals attempt to remove their negative thoughts by focusing on their breathing or a word, commonly referred to as a mantra. Some studies recommend that practising meditation techniques on a daily basis can help reduce anxiety and other symptoms of depression.


Yoga exercise is a mind-body exercise that guides individuals through a series of postures. These yoga postures help individuals with their flexibility, concentration and re-establish harmony between the mind and body. Yoga is believed to enhance mental clarity and invigorate the nervous system. Whilst few studies have shown that yoga could have potential as a therapy for anxiety and depression, more conclusive and expansive research is still needed.

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