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How Unhealthy Family Relationships Can Cause Severe Depression

How Unhealthy Family Relationships Can Cause Severe DepressionRelationships are the basis of interaction between people. Healthy relationships can enhance a person’s life and create a positive and uplifting environment. Unhealthy relationships, especially with family, can cause severe depression and anxiety. Often times, people don’t even notice how damaging these unhealthy relationships are until they have become really bad.

The Phone Call

When the phone rings and it is a family member who is very negative, problems can be created. Life is difficult, and having someone with a negative outlook call may be a trigger of severe depression. Many times, these relationships are toxic and they are difficult to change. First, try offering a positive outlook or sincere advice. If the negativity continues, consider suggesting they see a therapist or screen your calls and pick up less often. Staying positive can be difficult with constant negativity, and sometimes creating a distance from people who are bringing you down is the best solution.


Outside of the home, there are many situations which can cause depression. Being with a relative who has excessive or unreasonable demands may set off depression. Their demands can overburden a person already close to depression and may cause severe depression. Try not to feel pressured to do anything you can’t handle. It may be wise to always take a day or two to respond so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


Living in the same house with someone who is aggressive is not good. An aggressive person who believes everyone must do their bidding causes tension. Excessive tension can lead to severe depression in a household where there is no escape from this situation. Aggressive people care only for their own wants and needs, not others. It’s important to get professional counseling in situations like these.

Lack Of Celebration

Accomplishments should be celebrated. If family members do not celebrate the accomplishments of a person, then they can slip into severe depression, feeling they aren’t worth anything. Being undervalued as a person is a fundamental cause of depression and if already depressed, it can turn into very severe depression. Pay attention to this in your life and talk about it with family members.

Picking Fights

One of the ways a person can depress another person is to constantly pick fights. Picking fights is a way to cover up what a person has done and find a way to blame someone else. This can not only lead to severe depression for a married person, but if a partner is acting this way continually, it may be necessary to talk to a divorce lawyer if this suddenly begins within a marriage and is not stopped or explained.

Lack Of Control

Children have little or no control over their lives. Severe depression can set in when parents overburden their children with adult expectations. This should be avoided at all costs. This can also happen when spouses become too controlling. Talk openly with close family members and seek help if this has become a problem.

There are many causes and triggers for depression. Many times, it is triggered by those closest to the depressed person. Getting help for depression and learning to deal with relatives and family relationships which can cause severe depression is the best step to a better life.

Author Bio: Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about health, family, home and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Informational credit to Lain T. Donnell at Donnell Law Group.

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