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Five easy ways to stop depression

Pregnant woman at work using telephone smilingEveryone experiences low periods, for many highs and lows are simply unavoidable and at least they might help you to realize what’s good in your life. However, depression is something quite different. One sign of depression is that your ‘blue periods’ go on for more than a few hours per day. The other is if you have two or more of the following conditions on a consistent or regular basis: Low Self-Esteem, Fatigue, Sleep Problems, Appetite Changes, Weight Swings, Feelings of Guilt, Worthlessness, Suicide or a general loss of interest in your normal activities. Then you may want to crush the cycle and get out of it. Below are five tiny changes you can do immediately to effect a change in yourself.

Adjust your posture. There is a distinct body language that is often associated with anxiety. The signs are, moving slowly or lethargically, shoulders slumped, head down looking at the ground. These postures are widely recognized to intensify negative thoughts and emotions. Alter your body posture – even by doing something as simple as looking up towards the sky or jumping up and down – makes a real difference, cuts off the memory and changes your way of thinking.

Cut back the sugar in your diet. Just by cutting down your intake of cakes, biscuits, chocolate and processed foods has a profound effect on your body chemistry. In a study at the University of South Alabama, Professor Larry Christenden found that reducing the sugar levels in the blood helped to lift the mood of 25% of patients.

Laugh more. Studies show that laughter is known to boost the levels of endorphins and stimulate the left frontal lobe of the brain where happy thoughts and moods are created. Just by laughing out loud for no good reason, watching a comedy program, or being with people who smile will have a positive beneficial effect.

Don’t keep it to yourself. A problem shared is a problem halved. Speaking through a problem with someone will help you gain a fresh perspective. If that’s not possible then listening to a self-help programme would have a similar effect.

Move that body! We probably realize that action can work better than Prozac in decreasing the symptoms of dejection. In fact Professor Tylee of Maudsley Hospital, London says ‘It’s top of the list of treatments we’re recommending doctors ‘prescribe’ to patients’. Try it and you’ll find that three 45-minute sessions every week will work wonders. The key here is to take some action to that old cycle.

These simple ‘quick fixes’ may not necessarily treat the root cause of the difficulty but, are known to help shorten the effects of dejection long enough to help you find a way to curtail the symptoms.

Author: Jim Brackin

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