Beat Depression

Feeling Hopeless? Read This!

Drop Falling into WaterDo you feel like just throwing in the towel sometimes? Maybe you’ve been trying to beat depression for a while now with little or no results. Or, you research how to treat anxiety and try your best to calm your nerves, but nothing seems to give you peace. Perhaps a situation in your life has got you down for the count. We’ve all been there. It’s a part of the human experience called hopelessness, but it doesn’t have to last!


How Are Hopelessness and Anxiety Connected?
The problem with hopelessness is that our minds truly don’t know what to do with it. We know we have to keep moving forward because well, that’s what we do, but a lack of hope can make this incredibly hard to do! This internal tension results in a lot of anxiety, so many of us end up with not one but two battles to face: how to beat depression (aka hopelessness) and how to treat anxiety.

How to Treat Anxiety and Hopelessness? Make Up Your Mind
The first and perhaps most important step to combatting hopelessness is to make up your mind that you simply will not let it beat you. Get determined and decide that this is your life and you will let nothing get in the way of you experiencing the deep joy, peace, and contentment that you were meant to have. Intentionally putting yourself in this mindset can give you the motivation you need to beat depression and hopelessness once and for all.

Redefine Your Life
It’s easy to look back on your life and dwell on past mistakes. This is especially true for thoughtful people who pursue personal development—people like you! As you learn more about yourself, it can be tempting to fall into a state of hopelessness when what you should be feeling is empowerment! Instead of seeing your past cycles of behavior as predictors of the inevitable, use your insight to change your life! Learn to recognize the emotions and triggers that have caused you to make mistakes in the past and use this information to right the ship. Remember, knowledge is power!

Know that it is completely within your power to take back control over your life and beat depression. Keep reminding yourself of this simple fact and you’ll be well on your way to eliminating hopelessness and finally embracing the life you deserve.

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