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How to Deal with Mild Depression through Smart Ways

Woman trying to understand and deal with difficult emotionsIf you are sad, losing appetite, and feeling down lately, you may be suffering from a mild form of depression. Do not worry about it. It is natural and everybody feels that way once in a while.

I am someone who is at my creative best when I am depressed. I will either sit read some novels, listen to music, or write when I feel down. I will not talk to people much when I feel depressed. I am very passionate about poetry, I do enjoy reading poetry and more so when writing it. I could not believe my own eyes that my master pieces were written when I felt low. Poetry often is the flow of powerful emotions and I particularly like to do a close reading of such strong pieces of poetry. It is not my sole opinion, but people who have gone through my poems are also of the opinion that the best poems were those which I have written during depression.

Let us look at some smart ways on how to deal with mild depression:

1. Make some lifestyle changes

People who show some symptoms of depression need to look at themselves to find out if the things that they are doing are causing them the blues. If you are feeling down, get up slightly early in the morning, go for a brisk walk. You will get a good dose of morning sun and you will be much more relaxed on your return. There is a nice saying which says “A late riser searches the whole day for the early hours he has lost.” Getting up early and going for some physical exercise is the best way to cheer oneself up.

If you are one who is fond of junk food, it is time to bid adieu to that food habit. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from sugar-rich foods. Quit smoking and drinking. Getting rid of an addiction is an arduous task, but it is not impossible.

2. Add some aroma to your life

Research has shown that the mood of a high number of people improves after smelling some flower essences. If you are stressed out and you need to clear your mind, smell some sweet-smelling essences. This will instill pleasant thoughts in our minds. The smell of peppermint or eucalyptus can wake you up if you tend to go into a slumber. Use some such essences and get back to your life.

3. Listen to music

Music therapy is the best cure for depressed souls. Put on your favorite video clippings or songs. You do not have to be a dancer, but just try shaking your legs. Do hum along if you know the lyrics. Music is the safest form of remedy for depression, stress and hypertension. Do not put on music which makes you will make you sadder, even if that is your favorite. What you need when you are feeing down is something which makes you spring up into action. Just make sure that the volume is not harmful to your ears and enjoy the music.

4. Happiness journal

Try writing something down. Writing can seem a daunting task for someone in depressed. But do write things you are happy about, things which you are grateful for, etc. You may be surprised at the fact that even while in a depression, you can write the best pieces about your passions. Be generous in writing about your accomplishments which will definitely lift your mood. Ideas are endless, you yourself will be surprised when you go back to see what you have written while in a depression. Every little thing counts in life.

5. Do something for others

Doing something for others will give a boost to your self-esteem. You can make a phone call to brighten someone’s day, or talk to another depressed soul like you. You can also send an email to a friend. Handwritten letters have gone to the pages of history. Try reliving those good old days by writing a letter to someone close to you. Handwritten letters are so full of genuine feelings which matters a lot to your near and dear ones in times of distress.

If you love cooking the best way to get upbeat is to bake something. You can bake a cake and gift it to someone who needs cheering up. In the process you will be healing yourself.

Try making a card or painting something for someone special. It need not be a great gift, but petty things make people much happier. Above all, you will be engaged in something worthwhile rather than thinking about your drawbacks, your failures etc.

It is said that depression is anger turned inwards. Depression is so self-damaging – for both physical and mental wellbeing of one’s own self. Some theories say that people with depression have some chemical imbalance in their brains. The symptoms of depression need to be identified in the initial stage and one has to come out of it. Do acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments. Do not let your precious life sink deep into depression.

Author Bio: Tanya Schenck specializes in content writing and works for custom essays from USA writers, a writing service with a passion of helping out the students with their writing excellence and ability. In her spare time she read novels and writes for different blogs.

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