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Beat Depression By Pushing Your Limits

queen of the world Are you feeling rundown and useless? Stress and depression tend to have that effect on people. You don’t have to settle for these negative feelings, however. You can learn how to deal with stress and depression, but it may take some work or even some good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears. It won’t be easy, but like they say, nothing worthwhile in life comes without a price, and there’s nothing more worthwhile than your sense of wellbeing! If you’re game, try these techniques to beat depression and lift stress by pushing your own limits.

• Set a Personal Goal
Is there something (or maybe a list of things) that you want to do in life that you just haven’t gotten around to? Since we tend to be so busy just trying to get by in life, most of us have compiled quite a few of these. Why not dig one out and check it off the list? Your goal can be big or small as long as it’s achievable. (There’s no worse solution to the problem of how to deal with stress than frustration, after all). Perhaps you want to go back to school or try a new career path. Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a 5K or put together a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Whatever it is, make up your mind to do it and then don’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goal. Not only will you experience that sweet sensation of success when you’re done, but you’ll also have something to distract you from your anxiety and depression in the meantime.

• Be Competitive
Want to see what you’re really made of? Why not engage in some friendly competition? Whether you make a casual bet with a friend or join an official competition, competing is guaranteed to bring out the best in you. And that’s exactly what you need when you’re trying to beat depression! Don’t worry about winning or losing; just focus on doing your best. You may just surprise yourself, and you’ll learn how to deal with stress and other negative emotions at the same time!

• Join a Team
If you’re not naturally competitive, then you may want to join a team instead of a competition. This technique for learning how to handle stress and beat depression works particularly well for people pleasers. Why? Because we people pleasers are hard-wired to perform for others. That’s right; what we may be reluctant to do for ourselves, we’ll bend over backwards to do for someone else. Take advantage of this aspect of your personality to bring out the very best that you have to offer your team. You’ll be so proud of yourself at the end of the day, that these positive feelings will overshadow any negative emotions.

When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to just wallow in feelings of self-pity, but this is no way to beat depression. If you want to feel better, then make it a point to be your best self despite how you feel. Once you’ve given yourself that initial nudge, you’ll begin feeling those negative emotions dissipate almost immediately.

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