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How to Beat Depression After a Breakup

There is an important message in negative emotionsYou used to go out or even lived together and made your plans for the future. So, now it’s even harder to admit this person is not in your life any longer. Yes,  life still goes on, but after a long relationship a breakup depression is inevitable. Recovery takes time, you just have to submit to it. However, there are several ways which can help you feel better.

1. Give a needed outlet to your emotions.

You can feel betrayed, angry, offended – realize that your emotions are natural. By accepting what you feel, you’ll cope with them faster. So, don’t hide your pain. Cry if you have to, share your feelings and thoughts with your close friends, express everything in a diary.

2. Hide everything that reminds you of your ex.

Take away your photos, romantic gifts and even your clothes if it reminds you of the past too much. Get it out of your house and store somewhere.

3. Sleep enough hours.

Sleep is one of the proven ways of healing depression. So, never reduce sleeping hours even if you don’t want to sleep so much – it slowly recovers you from the inside.

4. Go out with your friends and colleagues.

Remember that in your life there still are people who love and appreciate you. Try to devote more time to them. Even if you don’t feel like meeting someone, this is necessary for overcoming your depression. Also it’s a good idea to visit your parents. They will always listen to you and give useful pieces of advice.

5. Try to lead a more active life.

Spend more time not in social networks or watching movies, but walking or doing active sports: jogging, volleyball, tennis will perfectly do. When you do something active, your body produce endorphines – hormones which make you feel happier.

6. Analyze the past relationship and make a conclusion.

Very often the depression comes from uncertainty, but when you analyze what happened and what you learned from this relationship, it gives you a fresh view on the problem. So, write down everything you did wrong, what you learned and what you will do in your next relationship. This will change the focus and you will see the finished relationship not as the end of the world, but as one of the steps of your own life.

7. Consider going out for a date!

Yes, for the first time you won’t have any desire to communicate with the opposite sex. But dating will help you to get distracted from the catastrophe and will lead to a new relationship. Moreover, while communicating with different people, you will see there are many good, kind people among them, which will prevent you from being angry with the opposite sex if your ex treated you bad.

8. Visit a psychologist or a religious advisor if you feel you cannot overcome the depression on your own.

A professional will help you to find a way out from a depression and advise how to build relationships in the future.

About the author: Sarah Hall can give a piece of advice in the sphere of relationship, career and psychology. She is also busy with resume writing and you can follow her on Google+.

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