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5 Powerful Tips For Overcoming Your Depression

There is a way to learn how to beat depression when you are aloneWhen under the spell of depression, the world can seem devoid of any colour, love or meaning. I like to describe life in depression as ‘living in grey’ and I’m sure you understand exactly why I say that. It is unlike any other feeling because once it becomes bad enough, you become numb to every other emotion; living life on the fraying ends of an old dusty rope.

But you mission on every day, some of us bring out our most sincere aspects of ourselves when around our friends or family and they’ll describe us as the most genuine people they’ve met. You feel like you’re faking when you’re around your friends and they describe you this way; you begin to feel worse.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. That loving side of you is still alive and well; it manifests itself when you sense the love from your friends or family even if you don’t consciously interpret their love. The way you feel when you’re alone with your thoughts are another story though, and this is what I’d like to expand on.

That dark voice that whispers to you that you’re not good enough and that you’re not worth anything can only speak truth if you allow it to! The fact that you have the courage to face the day, that you’re up and reading this article is a definitive sign that something deep inside you wants you realize your greatness. The force that brought you here whether you’re conscious of it or not, wants you to manifest the gifts that your uniqueness has nurtured inside you. You have to realize that whatever happened to cause you to feel that way only has power because you allow it to have a hold on you. It may be something truly horrible but you have to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions from this point onwards if you want to become happy again.

I highly recommend speaking to someone close to you about how you’re feeling when dark feelings and thoughts begin to cloud your body and mind. This will go such a long way in bringing you back from the depths of where you are; letting someone know whats on your mind, even if they don’t give particularly helpful advice, you’ll feel considerably better than before. It’s important to let go of your mistakes because they do not define you; they cultivate a stronger character within you. Realize that this patch you’re going through is temporary (no matter how long you’ve been depressed) and that if you decide that you’re going to make an effort every day to think positively; watch your world change around you!

Here are 5 powerful tips for overcoming your depression:

  • Watch your thoughts – Monitor where your mind goes when it goes blank. If you feel negative thoughts creeping up on you, get busy with something else! Either get up and go do something you enjoy or literally force yourself to think about something positive. Depression is all in your mind and the change comes when you change your mindset.
  • Stay busy – Make it difficult for your issues to cloud your mind. If you strive to constantly stay busy, there is very little room for negativity to seep in and overthrow you. Read a book, go out for a jog, call a friend on the phone, re-read this article if you have to! Just don’t stay still.
  • Speak up – As mentioned earlier, speak to a close friend or family member. Don’t be afraid to empty your heart to them; they’ll be able to understand more than you know. Even if they don’t, verbalizing whats bothering you helps your mind to work through it. If you don’t have someone like this, feel free to message me; I’ve been through this and I know what it is like to need a friend.
  • Watch your diet – Eating too much sugary and fatty foods in your diet can contribute to feeling low/drained. Eat more veggies, they’re full of vitamins and minerals. What’s most important is that you eat a balanced diet, no extremes(for example: low/no carbohydrate, very high protein, low/no fat) as they are usually quite unhealthy. Everything in moderation.
  • Identify the issue and work through it – When you pinpoint exactly what it is that is bothering you and speak about it or discuss it; either verbally or writing your feelings down about the issue, things start falling back into place. Once you know what it is that is bothering you, you gain the knowledge of how to fight it and move past it. You can make the decision to put the issue behind you and say “From this moment on, I live in the world I create, not the one my past wants me to live in”.

If there is one thing to take away from this article it is that you should begin to take responsibility for every action, thought and word you produce. Allow them to be positive and you can watch as your world change for the better around you.

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