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4 Steps To Overcome Procrastination And Self-Sabotage For Good!

Let’s be 100% honest with ourselves for a moment. Many people SAY they want real improvements in their lives —
Ther are many common myths about depression
– They say they want to overcome procrastination and release patterns of fear, sadness, anxiety, fear etc.

– They say they want to create more abundance, grow a new business, or practice their art.

– They say they want a more fulfilling relationship where their partner respects and appreciates them for who they truly are.

But the reality is that most people are NOT making progress.

And haven’t been for a LONG time.

Even though they’ve seen “the Secret” and read all the law of attraction books.

Even though they may have done plenty of inner work already.

But the real question is:

Are YOU actually making progress in creating what you truly desire, or are you not?

I mean really. If you feel stuck, I can certainly relate.

There have been times in my life when I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  I really wasn’t ready to take on my anxiety, and I certainly wasn’t ready to move forward and make progress in what I really wanted to have, be and do.

What about you?  Two more questions for more clarity:

1) What’s the one activity, that you KNOW, if you did it every day would transform your life for the better?

2) Honestly, why AREN’T you taking that action and doing it every day?

If you are, then I applaud you, but most of us mere mortals are not! So what is going on here?

The problem is not the HOW. 

There are lots of great techniques and ways to accomplish things available to us these days.  This applies as much to inner work as it does to things like growing your income, creating a better relationship, or manifesting radiant health and well-being.  There’s no shortage of good, even great “how to” information out there.

For example, if you’ve been into “spirituality” for a while, no doubt you’ve tried your fair share of practices like meditation, EFT, EMDR, releasing, talk therapy, and so on and so forth.  But are we making real progress, or are we “dabbling” and going round in circles?

This is something I did a lot of when I was getting started on my journey.  I was basically on a quest for the “holy grail” of spiritual techniques, but the truth is, I was afraid. And that is what really prevented me from taking CONSISTENT action to overcome my limiting patterns.

I tried everything that came along, constantly switching and dabbling and making little or no progress.   This week EFT, next week meditation etc.  I was so concerned about whether this technique or that technique was the real deal or not, I never really made any progress with anything.  And that was a huge mistake that cost me some of the best years of my life.

Here’s the truth about “spiritual” techniques:

Many of them work, and many really well. Why?

Because you are shining the light of awareness and love on your stuck patterns, and no matter what the actual technique is (whether you’re tapping your heart chakra or dancing the hoola), it is really ONLY the awareness and the love that dissolves them permanently.

So the problem is not a lack of effective “how to”. What keeps us stuck is the lack of CONSISTENT action.  And the same thing is true with (apparently) “external” results like top notch health, finances, and relationships.  Failure to take consistent action kills our best intentions and most inspiring dreams. So the question is…

What STOPS us from taking consistent action in our inner work, our finances, our health and relationships?

The bottom line is that we’re afraid.

We’re afraid of what might happen if we take action.

We’re afraid of failing and we’re often afraid of succeeding.

We’re afraid of a new world of potential problems we can’t even comprehend yet.

We’re afraid of what failure/success might mean for ourselves, families, friends, and children.

We’re afraid of being judged.

We’re afraid of what others will think if we begin, fail, and/or succeed.

We’re afraid of putting ourselves first for once, and all that might entail.

And so, the sad truth is that we allow our fears to sabotage our best intentions.  It’s a tragedy – especially when the tools to overcome this stuff and live the life we truly want are readily available.

There are essentially 4 steps to overcome procrastination and get into consistent action, so you can have whatever you truly desire.

I will share them with you now.

4 steps to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage for good

1) Find Inspiration.  I’m not sure if it was Tony Robbins who said that transformation is 90% WHY and only 10% HOW. But the point is that if you know WHY something is exciting and necessary for you, the force of nature that you are will eventually find a way to create it.  Of course action is required. And to help you get inspired, I invite you to deeply consider the following questions with reference to your big problem or unfulfilled desire.

(By the way, these questions apply as much to inner clearing work as they do to external results in the realm of abundance and relationships)

– What has been the COST of inaction, in the past, present and future?

– What is the past, present and future cost in terms of your finances, your health and your relationships?


– What are the REWARDS of consistent action, both now, as well as in the short and long term future?

– How will your abundance, your health, and your relationships be positively transformed?


Next, consider the following statement:

“Anything LESS than taking consistent ACTION to create what I truly desire…. IS NOT SAFE”. 

Stop, and think about the implications of that for a few moments.

I could fill in some of the detail for you, but it’s much more powerful if you think about it for yourself.

Say it out loud three times.

If you wish you can grab yourself a pen and paper and make some notes for yourself:


2) Choose.  So now you have thoroughly considered the consequences of action and inaction, it is time to choose.  Nobody else can do this for you – it’s all down to you.

Know that you can’t stop making choices.  Even if you decide not to choose what you want, that’s still a choice, yes?

Since we can’t help but make choices, it’s incumbent on us to make good ones. And by the way, if you haven’t taken advantage of a “Get Unstuck” Breakthrough Session with myself or one or our trained coaches then I highly recommend you do so.  See below this message for full details.

The main thing is to choose to do SOMETHING productive NOW to break the cycle of fear and disappointment.

Remember, don’t delay taking action, even for a minute.  That’s part of the pattern.

Once again I believe it was Tony who said, “Never leave the scene of a decision without taking some action.”

Take action right now.

3) Make a plan.  Once you’ve chosen what you want, it’s time to make a plan.  It needn’t be complicated either.  Simply start with the focus of your daily practice and the times.

For example, you might choose that from 7:30-9:30 every morning, you’re going to meditate, or work on growing your business, or practice your art.  You might not yet know all the details of what the practice will entail, but you are at least choosing the general focus and the times of that practice.  (Developing your practice and being held accountable is something a Get Unstuck Session can help you with too).

4) Get support and set up your environment for success.  Part of the reason we fail to take consistent action is that we don’t have adequate support and our environments usually reinforce old habits.  As soon as you make a decision to take consistent action, it’s important to take immediate action to create an environment of success.  For example, if you’re choosing to meditate every morning for 30 minutes at 7:30am, you might need to discuss this with your family, ask them to support and not interrupt you.

So think, what can you do to create a supportive environment that encourages (even compels) you to consistently follow through? 

Can you get social leverage on yourself?  Make a few notes now.

Bottom line – get inspired, choose to take consistent action, get started right now, and get support.

So there you have it.  A simple 4-step plan to overcome procrastination – the silent killer of your best intentions.  If you followed the 4 steps and actually took action on each of them, you should now have the beginning of a daily practice to propel you forward into the future you want.

If you enjoyed this post, I encourage you to take advantage of a Get Unstuck Breakthrough Session, where either myself or trained coach will assist you to clarify your vision, uncover hidden obstacles and create a plan to move forward.  See below for details.

Remember, life is precious.  Be honest with yourself about the consequences of inaction, and whatever path you choose, choose to move forward in the only moment in which you have power — NOW.

For your peace and prosperity,

– Matt Clarkson

The Mind-Body Training Company

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