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3 Tips to Beat Depression With Positive Mental Movies

woman trying to beat depression with mental moviesWhen bouts of depression hit, our bodies slow down, and our thoughts go into auto repeat about how bad we feel. It can be very hard to beat depression and pull away from negative feelings when all we can think about is being depressed.

What if, instead, we could give our minds something better to do, that would draw our attention completely away from where we are? Well we can, by creating mental movies of anywhere else we would rather be.

            1.     Happy Moments Replay. 

 One easy way to distract our minds is by replaying happy moments in our lives. Remember walking on a beach, looking at a sunset, lighting a birthday cake. If you can immerse yourself in how good the moment felt, it can sometimes be enough to break the cycle your mind is going through.

 Happy memories are easier to recall when you are having a good day. Make a list, while you are feeling cheerful, of memories that make you smile. Then you can use your list when you need some help beating depression.

            2.     The View From On Top of the World.

What if you had everything you ever wanted? What if you reached the pinnacle of success? Can you imagine what that would feel like?

When we try to imagine ourselves achieving all our goals, our minds tend to put up lots of roadblocks about why we are not good enough, or why success is for other people. But if you tell yourself not to worry, this is just a daydream, then your negative thoughts often let go and just let you imagine to your heart’s content.

Imagine yourself doing amazing things you never even thought of; riding in a space ship, discovering buried treasure, flying on a trapeze. See yourself winning at the most marvelous things you can imagine, and feel the satisfaction from doing something great.

If you see yourself accomplishing astounding feats beyond your actual dreams, then your real goals may seem much easier to attain.

            3. Star in Your Personal Blockbuster

If imagining success just feels too difficult, get your mind out of your own story all together, and write yourself into someone else’s. You could create your own sci-fi fantasy or historical romance movie, and cast yourself in the lead. Or you could write a new character for yourself into a favorite book or film that you already know well.

The further away your story is from your present place and time, and the more wrapped up in it you can get, the more like a vacation it will be for your mind.

Our brains are amazingly smart, except for one thing. They can’t always tell the difference between real experiences and ones that are just imagined. So when you return from an imaginary journey where you just saved the world, your mind will believe you are heroic. You’ll feel less depressed, and stronger about facing your ordinary day.

Have a favorite daydream? Share your story below, and share this with a friend. We’d enjoy hearing from you. .

3 replies on “3 Tips to Beat Depression With Positive Mental Movies”

Hi Janet,
Nice reminder about the power of imagination. I think we underrate this power we have or somehow think it’s less real than our other thoughts–until we realize that most of what we’re thinking is made up and imagined. LOL

One of my favorite daydreams is communicating with people all over the world while sitting at my desk at home. I guess I’m living that dream right now.


Hi Kevin.
Glad your dreams are coming true. And to think the tools we use to communicate were once just ideas in someone else’s imagination. It’s all pretty amazing.

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