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3 Natural Ways To Beat Depression

Let yourself benefit from the healing effects of tearsI’ve been on nearly every anti-depressant on the market at some point or another. I know the side-effects which is why I turned to more natural approaches to beating my depression and desensitizing myself to the public.

Now, I still take an anti-depressant but the dose is so low now that in a few more months I’m going to try to go without them.

Of course, you can take supplements, you can develop goals to strive for each day, or even jog or run yourself into a mad craze just so you feel those endorphines. The approach one uses to reach recovery from depression is completely individualistic and usually requires some trial and error.

However, I’m going to suggest 3 natural ways to beat depression that you probably have not heard of before. Here they are:

1. Develop a system for yourself. This is different than a goal. Goals have end points where systems are on going. They grow and evolve with you instead of ending at a certain point. I found this preferable because I saw progress in lowering my depression much sooner than setting a goal for myself and I got instant gratification as well.

You start a system by picking one thing you enjoy doing and build activities and events that need to be done around it. After that is accomplished, connect those activities and events to something else you enjoy or want to try. This creates a cycle. Soon you’ll have a system that takes up 1/2 your day. If you want, you can extend it to a full day right up to bedtime.

Now, understand something here. A system is different than a routine. A routine you do things whether you want to or not and much of the time routines become unconscious.

Systems are consciously created and give back to you because at its core your natural interests are being engaged not just things you have to do.

2. Practice hatha yoga to reduce depression. This particular type of yoga is mainstream in our culture. There’s a reason why I suggest it. It works!

— It teaches you to listen to your body and to be mindful of your breathing.  — It trains your mind to slow down due to the slower paced movements.  — One of the health benefits is that it releases endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals serotonin and dopamine.  — Almost anyone can do this and you can be at any fitness level.

3. Go to sporting or public events. Why? The people there have the intention to have a great time and usually are in good moods. You can start off small. Go to a library event or museum. Doing this will start desensitizing you from people and public surroundings.

The energy that is created at these places will rub off on you and affect you in positive ways if you keep an open mind about it. Eventually, if you continue to go to those events you’ll begin to pick-up or start conversations with people. Maybe make new friends? Or get a good laugh? Desensitizing can create many possibilities.

Try these 3 ideas out first before you seek trying an anti-depressants. Give at least one of them a good month’s try. It’s just 30 days. I’m willing to bet using one or all 3 of these can help with your depression levels and lower it to a point where you can enjoy life again. They worked for me, so I’m just passin’ it along. They just might help you too!

Until Next Time.

Armand Douyon Try these naturals first then talk to a psychiatrist. There are always options!

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