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Why Can’t I Attract Money?

Do you ever wonder "Why can't I attract money"?Like it or not, we all attract things, everyday. When people say they attract money does that make you wonder “ Why can’t I attract money , if they can?” It doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Some people get all the breaks. But, if you’ve ever had one of those days when things went from bad to worse, you know we get more of whatever is on our minds. So we might as well fill our minds with something good.

In the simplest terms, the law of attraction…a relatively new name for a very old concept…just means we attract what we think about the most, whether we want it or not. If we are not attracting what we think we want in our lives, we either don’t really know what we want, or we simply spend more time thinking about other things.

If the thing we think we want to attract is money, we may also have conflicting beliefs that we focus on more than prosperity. We may hold some of those beliefs very deeply, and not know how to reconcile them with a desire for wealth. So let’s look at some examples of how our thinking gets in our way:

1. “Store not up treasures on earth.” This advice may be from Christianity, but all faiths tell us that what matters in life are non-material things like love, honesty, and a wealth of virtues. A sincere desire to live a good and simple life can cause conflict when people want to rise above limited financial means.

If we don’t want to be greedy or materialistic, we might believe that money is maybe a little evil and that our souls…or at least our hands…will get dirty if we try to attract wealth.

The key is that attracting money doesn’t mean hoarding money, or hoarding anything for that matter. If you operate from a belief that the universe is abundant, then you can share your wealth freely, knowing that there will always be enough. Money can flow into your life, and with a generous heart, you can let it flow out again.

2. Rich people behaving badly. The new movie The Wolf of Wall Street is a perfect example of why some of us can’t attract money. We don’t want to be liars. We don’t want to be crooks. We don’t want to be like the drug-hazed celebrities or pyramid scheme swindlers who fill up the news. In our hearts we want to be nice people, and if stepping on others is how you get rich, then we want none of that.

Our reactions to scandal also demonstrate how our attitudes about money are often a knee-jerk reaction, or even an unconscious idea. If we see someone who is rich but disreputable, we don’t make a conscious statement that we wouldn’t want to be like that. We just wrinkle our noses in disgust. But our subconscious doesn’t differentiate between what we turn up our noses at and why. Don’t want to be like those nasty rich people? Well, that must mean we don’t want money, so it becomes something we don’t attract.

Instead, turn your thoughts to people who have enriched our lives, and grown wealthy doing it. Then consider what value you can bring to the world.

3. I’m not worthy. Children are starving all over the planet. There are victims of disasters and disease. And I am asking the universe for money? How selfish…the universe has bigger things to worry about than my bank account, right?

Like in the hoarding scenario above, we can all do more good in the world if we have resources at our disposal. But if we feel we don’t deserve abundance when there is so much suffering, we’ll never be able to help anyone. In truth we are all worthy, and there is so much good we can do if we share our abundance with those in need.

4. I’d rather be bitter. People who feel this way may not even be aware of their thought patterns, because they are sustained by their belief that the world has done them wrong. Ironically, some bitter people may be great fans of success literature. But they fail to realize that being full of resentment leaves no room for success. Earl Nightingale said decades ago, “we are what we think about,” and if bitterness is what we fixate on, then bitterness is what we’ll get. As we sow, so shall we reap.

It all comes down to a shift in your thinking. You may not share the limiting beliefs I’ve described here, but you can see how easily we dwell on thoughts that take us nowhere. Make some notes about what you think your own limiting beliefs are, and notice when thoughts pop into your head that are contrary to your attracting money goal.

Try meditations to clear your mental blocks, and shift your thinking to gratitude. When you truly appreciate how abundant your life already is, you experience more joy. By being earnestly and continually thankful for the blessings you already have, you open the door to attract all the money and happiness you desire.

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