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What Is Your Relationship With Money?

What's your relationship with money?One of the reasons we all work is to make money. It’s probably the main reason for many of us. In addition to making money to pay for the big three – food, clothing & shelter – most of us have an ideal amount of money in our minds that would make our lives ideal. $10 million seems to be the amount mentioned most.

It’s true that money helps with securing and maintaining the necessities of life and it helps make the enjoyment of the “extras” life has to offer easier. However, making it the focus of our lives or assuming it’s the sole source of happiness can lead to problems.

As I’ve wandered through life I’ve noticed there are four widely different views of money. Does one of the following match your view?

View 1: I need more: Many people are focused on money all day every day. They want more money than they currently have and are constantly trying to figure out how to make more. Some are constantly jumping from opportunity to opportunity – network marketing, real estate investment, online marketing, the lottery, gambling and others. A few find an opportunity that’s a good fit. Most end up spending a lot of time and money without achieving the result they want.

Others in this “I need more money” group decide to invest in themselves. They improve their existing knowledge and skills. They acquire new knowledge and additional skills. They make themselves valuable. They take full advantage of opportunities that are a good fit for what they want to achieve in life.

View 2: I need to protect what I have: Another group of people, much smaller than the first group, have lots of money and are constantly trying to figure out how to protect it. They look for low risk investments. They research ways to avoid or minimize taxes. They create trusts and use other financial vehicles to ensure their money is protected. They often pay professional advisors to help. For some, it’s a full time job.

Protecting what you have is important. The problems occur when focusing on that protection is all you do.

View 3: This is my lot in life: This group is probably bigger than you might think. They’ve decided they are doomed to struggle with the lack of money for their entire lives. Some martyr themselves and wear their position of lack as a badge of honor and use it to criticize those who have more. Others blame their condition on anything and everything other than themselves and demand they be taken care of because in their minds it’s not their fault.

A small percentage of this group decides they want more. They take advantage of all the organizations and opportunities available to them that offer support, training and contacts, and work their way to a better financial position. These folks should be applauded and appreciated for their efforts.

View 4: We live in an abundant universe: The people who hold this view are more focused on doing work that is fulfilling and purposeful for them than they’re focused on money. They know they live in an abundant universe that will provide all the money, people, opportunities, and “other good stuff” to support their work and the lifestyles they want to live. They also direct the overflow of abundance in their lives for the benefit of others.

In my experience and based on my observations, people with this view seem to be the happiest, and the most secure and confident with who they are.

This is not a scientific study and I draw no conclusions nor make any recommendations. This is just a narrative based on many years of observation. The one thing I will say is that view #4 is my personal favorite.

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By Brian Silverthorn

Article Source: What’s Your Relationship With Money?

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This is a great analysis of how people view money. It definitely puts certain things into perspective, while providing food for thought about our own views. Thanks for sharing it, Brian.

I’m honored my article was re-posted here. I appreciate it. I hope it’s beneficial to all who read it.

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